Sound Off! – Factional Warfare

【ボカロ】 ボカロ曲★戦争 by RAHWIA

Greetings, true believers!  Reports of my death were. . . mostly accurate.  Sadly, working the 9 to 5 has derived me of time and energy to do regular columns.  However, that won’t stop me from doing something.  Hence, this.  Twice a month, I’ll put up a question for you all to respond to (hence the title), and I’ll publish the results and highlight some commentary in the next column.

Obviously, there’s nothing to cover from a previous column so we solider on to today’s question.

We start our journey with a twist on the classic question of favorites.  Instead of picking your favorite one, you pick your favorite group.  I see justification for several of these choices, so it’ll be interesting to see how the results turn out.

However, we can’t just let you stop clicking a radio button and sumbit.  I want you to back up your choice.  Post in the comments or e-mail my g-mail account (username: vismjoe).  The good ones will get featured next time along with my pick.  All I ask of you is that while the topic is supposed to be a point for debate, do not attack others or flame.

Polls close on the 13th.  Thanks to Bunnychan and the rest of the IRC crew for helping with the pic.

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