AH-Software Announces ‘Voiceroid+ Tamiyasu Tomoe’

(image source: AH-Software)

As the newest addition to their Voiceroid series, AH-Software (AHS) is planning to release “Voiceroid+ Tamiyasu Tomoe” on November 12th. It is now available for preorder for the low price of 8900 yen (until October 30th). If you preorder by November 11th, you can get a postcard to send in for a special “Heart Catch X’mas Message” CD. Also available is a water bottle for those who preorder (while supplies last). You can listen to a sample of the Voiceroid here.

The voice source and character design are those of Tsuramaki Maki from jam BAND, another product from AHS which combines music making software (Music Maker 3) with cute girl characters. An example of the application of jam BAND can be seen in KagomeP’s first song with Kaai Yuki, Shooting☆Star.

Also, AHS is currently having an “outlet sale”, and among the items on sale is Voiceroid Tsukuyomi Shouta. You can now buy the shouta (forgive the pun) for only 3000 yen. Go here to look at all the items being marked down.

Sources: AH-Software, AH-Soft.net (shop)

UPDATE: Any comments saying anything along the lines of Tomoe being related to the Kagamines in any way will be deleted forthwith. Sorry to be so harsh, but come on guys; use your head.

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    1. CV04 will exist, it's been confirmed, but Crypton seems to be taking its dilly-dally time working on Rin/Len Append and Miku English.

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