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Its been a very interesting couple of months for the entire Vocaloid movement hasn’t it? Ever since the big hit that was the March 9th Giving Day Concert it seems that more and more people outside of Japan and/or the Vocaloid fan community are starting to take notice. While reactions have been mixed, its easy to see why even individuals with no familiarity with Vocaloid can find the concept intriguing. Outside of science fiction and anime aficionados who would ever think that thousands of people would one day be clamoring to attend a concert where the featured performers aren’t even real? That a CD collecting some of the technology’s greatest hits would top the Japanese Oricon charts in May? (Vocalogenesis). In fact Exit Tune’s most recent CD release, Vocaloanthems, is having even greater sales success, with over 27000 copies sold in the first week of its release. (Unfortunately while greater in number it was only good for 5th on the charts.

No longer is Vocaloid a Japan-only phenomena either. Small but growing fanbases throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas are also passionate about these virtual idols (this website is testament). Recently a campaign was started to petition for Vocaloid concerts outside of Japan. This attempt to draw attention to Vocaloid’s international fanbase seemingly has already begun to succeed. In just these past few months the 39 Giving Day concert has already been screened in San Fransisco and New York, and Crypton Future Media’s CEO has been part of two convention panels as well, a very significant step. During these panels, which were well covered by fellow writers and fans here at Vocaloidism it was even indicated that an English version of Hatsune Miku was under consideration, a very significant development, since it was likely prompted by a recognition of Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku’s overseas developments. (Please make sure you “like” the Hatsune Miku facebook page!) Amidst this whirlwind of Vocaloid buzz and excitement it seems that some voices in the Western media have started to take notice as well. The past few days have seen the publication of several online and print articles that can’t really be considered news for the average Vocaloid fan, but are nevertheless an indication that the world at large has started to take notice.

The articles after the jump:

Source: http://nendonesia.com/ (Miku scanning the daily publications for news about herself)

This Rocking Lead Singer is a 3D Hologram by Aaron Saenz

A big thanks to Vocaloid reader/writer Samuel for first mentioning this article. Singularity Hub a Future/Emerging Technology Blog which seeks to highlight interesting trends and developments in a variety of fields. While seemingly a few months late, it looks like writer Aaron Saenz was actually quite taken with Vocaloid Concert from a few months ago and decided to write a decently researched article on the whole concept. I’d have to take some personal exception to the claim that the cutest character ever out of Japan dresses like “Sailor Moon” though. However all is forgiven because we must give Aaron a big “thank you!” for linking Vocaloidism in the article proper. If any of you have found this site through that article, welcome! It should also be noted that this article was actually linked on Slashdot.org, a popular technology news website and forum which many on here are likely familiar with, further increasing the viewer pool as well.

Miku Hatsune and Black Rock Shooter: Global Music Video “Vocaloid” Phenomenon That Defines the Future by Jack Meyes

Time to credit reader soft-n-fluffy for this amazing find. Huffington Post is one of my favorite sources for news, and you can only imagine how psyched I was when one of their writers decided to do a feature on Vocaloid. Please try not to get angry seeing the title. Yes, “Black Rock Shooter” might not be what you consider the face of Vocaloid but it is one of the more recognizable aspects. Vocaloidism didn’t get a mention in this one, but this is actually as well-researched an article as you will find on Vocaloid. Jack Myers does a very professional review of the entire concept while even giving mention to Vocaloid’s newest familiar member Nekomura Iroha, something that will likely make quite a few people here quite happy. It really is nice to see such a well-written piece in the media that takes Vocaloid seriously while intelligently evaluating its future potential.

She’s Pop’s Biggest Draw by Ross McGuiness

There really isn’t too much special about this piece, but once again it goes to highlight the fact that Vocaloid is getting noticed abroad (credit to poster Hammy over at figure.fm for this find). Printed in a recent edition of the London Metro Newspaper, it gives a general run down of Miku Hatsune and Vocaloids. (Yes, yes, there is alot wrong with the article, but its still news haha) Feel free to discuss it on our forums here.

So what are your reactions to Vocaloid’s recent appearances in the America and in its features in the media? Do you feel this shows that the Vocaloid concept is gaining a bigger foothold in popular culture at large? Do these article give Vocaloids a fair shake? Feel free to discuss below.

On a personal note, once again my apologies for not being able to write as much I would like. This semester at college and my graduate school applications have put big demands on my time until very recently. I love Vocaloids too much not to follow them on my own but only now am I finally finding the time to write once more. Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you all much more frequently in coming weeks.

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