New Vocaloid “Utatane Piko” Announced!

New Vocaloid "Utatane Piko"

Latest information has revealed that there will be a new Vocaloid joining the family and this time round Sony Music has decided to join in the market. This Vocaloid will be distributed under Sony Music Distribution and the name for the Japanese male Vocaloid (utilizing the Vocaloid2 engine) will be known as Utatane Piko (歌手音ピコ). For those wondering Piko is a popular singer on Nico Nico Douga with his community here.

He is expected to be released on December 8th 2010 at a price of 15,000 yen (tax included) and you can pre-order the software over at Sony Music Shop. We will be bringing more news on this when it’s made known.

Info thanks to twitter updates from utattemitalj
Image and additional reference: HatsuneMiku Wiki

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80 thoughts on “New Vocaloid “Utatane Piko” Announced!”

  1. H-he?? …I'm so happy…! ='D

    Also, he looks really cute. I hope his voice is as awesomesauce as Iroha-chan's, otherwise I will be disappoint.

    1. No, we know nothing on Crypton's CV04. Nothing at all. Crypton seems more focused on Appends right now and not on new Vocaloids.

        1. Nothing as in… What he looks like… Everyone knows its male, its been up at wikipedia and the wikia and talked about around forums for MONTHS

  2. People, lighten up! I think his voice will be wonderful, and I really do love his design~! I don't mind all these new vocaloids, just means more variety. <3

    1. Haldf the young boys in anime have female chararistics at times, that doesn't stop the shotas becoming liked sadly… O_O

  3. Goodness, really? He seems like a joke. He has the Crypton Vocaloids’ signature “ne” at the end of his last name and his design doesn’t look very original. And come on?! ANOTHER shota-type Vocaloid? He better sound masculine.

    He looks like an UTAUloid to me.

  4. Just for your information; Piko is able to sing as both male, and female; meaning that this will probably have a large vocal range.

  5. Oh, I didn't even see that it was written on the image. XD In that case, never mind. It still feels weird though

    1. Well the black and white, high collar, intricate looking… I don't know, it just reminded me of the gothic style lolita.

  6. oh my, without reading anything about him and just looking at the picture I thought it was a…..female ^^" im sorry I do like his design though 😀

  7. I really don’t like the design of this Vocaloid, it looks awful. Why on Earth is he pulling a USB lead out his ass? O_o’

  8. Whoa! A new MALE vocaloid! This is amazing. It truely is. xD lawl
    … He looooooks a but like a girl though… With dress flaring out like that. No offense to anyone… ^^’
    His hair is pretty girlish though… It’s like… I don’t know how to describe it. -,-‘ basically, he looks too much like a girl…
    Another thing I wonder is why does he have a USB Cable coming out of his butt? It’s kind of creepy… >>
    And those shoes. They look so girlish! Not that I have a problem. If they didn’t look too robotic, they would be adorable on my legs! xD

    I just hope that he’ll have a REALLY deep voice to cover his girlish look. xD ^^ Overall he looks fine!!! *mumblesforagirlmumbles* xD

  9. :O i’ve been waiting for new male vocaloid!!! >w< -omgsohappy-
    btw…. why are people often complains about new vocaloids??

  10. SHOOOOOOTAAAAA~~~<3333

    a-anyway…….from what i've heard, he has a wonderful voice, and he's SO DELICIOUSLY SHOTA–

    umm….if i had the cash, i'd buy it, and i try my best not to buy ANYTHING. :3 good job, sony. ^^



  12. I looove him =w=~~~ Yes, he is real, not a VIPPA. He has been officially released, and here he is singing Magnet:

    He is just so adorable. LOL, I was a Len fangirl, but now I have a new obsession. xD
    Best. Vocaloid. Ever.

  13. at the risk of sounding like a fan girl, hes cute! really really cute, you out did your selfs! Giv your self a pat on the back! i must say though he dose resemble miki its the stray hair on top, is he her little brother, or is it just that its similar and it looks cuter with the stray hair? Well what ever the reson hes cute! thank you for teh male vocaloid! We have been waiting fore ever!

  14. You idiot. They didn't steal anything. His named literally means "Sound of Singer Piko". His voice actor is named Piko as well. Miku's name means "Sounds of future". Learn your Japanese before you say such thing. Kagamine means "Mirror Sound" as well, so please, LEARN YOUR JAPANESE!

  15. He's so kute, he reminds me of someone from kingdom hearts ^^ I WUV HIM ALREADY i love his outfit it's different than the other vocaloids n his voice is …….Amazing 😀 PIKO <3

  16. Dude…. Piko is a “GUY”, his voice and avatar does look like and sound like a girl but he’s a GUY, for a proof, here is his voice actor

    Piko Utatane is based from a famous nico nico douga singer named also Piko (Piko has a long voice rage, he can turn his voice into a girl) Piko was always mistook for a girl because of what he looks like. SO I guess you’re one of the victims who mistook him for a girl, and the video you showed is just a pv of a song and the girl in the song isn’t really Piko that girl just looks like Piko but that’s not him….

    Sorry if I sounded rude but I just want to help confused people.

  17. I’m a fan girl of Utatane Piko(have a crush on him and totally addicted to him!!)..but can i ask what really is his age?? if someone knows plss tell me i really like to know…thanks^^ just asking nothing else so pls no one be mad at me or something^^

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