Kagamine Rin’s Append Warm Revealed!

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Earlier in the day Crypton tweeted via their Vocaloid2 CV account regarding a new Append for Kagamine Rin which will be known as “Warm” (originally “Tired”) and you can listen to the song demos right after the break.

Note: Start of song – 0:47 = Append Power, 0:48 – End = Append Warm

Also, do take note that Len’s “Append Moody” will be known as “Append Cool” in the future as mentioned by Crypton.

Info source: Vocaloid2 CV twitter updates here
Additional reference: Piapro blog

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7 thoughts on “Kagamine Rin’s Append Warm Revealed!”

  1. They MUST make a cool append ver. of len's soundless voice they MUST!!!!! someone anyone please make one as soon as possible!!! ^_^

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