Vocaloidism Blog Hits One Million Views!

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Yes, if you are reading this then chance will be that you are part of the history-making moment here on Vocaloidism. This blog may still be young but we are glad to say that it has finally reached a million hits on November 2nd 2010 at about 19:30 hours GMT +7, which of course we know wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of all the readers out there. Just read on further for what the owner of Vocaloidism, KevinayP, has to say about the achievement as well as words from some of the staff members around.

One million views and still going strong~

But first, here’s the blog counter to verify that we have indeed crossed the million mark. And onto the comments below~

Hi there everyone, and thank you very much for visiting Vocaloidism today. If you’ve been here since three years ago or so, you should know me, but if you don’t know who I am, I’m Kevin (normally known as kevinayP). I’m the founder of Vocaloidism and I used to write articles in here. Nowadays I just maintain this site and make sure everything is running smoothly (I’d love to write some more articles if I have the time to, though!). Vocaloidism started of with just “Kevin’s Vocaloid Blog” back in July of 2008 – back when MikuMiku.info was still the place to look for Vocaloid news. It started off as just my small High School project and leisure blog…

But all that changed when ArmyCats decided to shut down MikuMiku.info – a lot of things happened, and ultimately, Vocaloidism was born in November of 2008 (speaking of which, it’s almost our second birthday, which is tomorrow!). Now, almost exactly two years later, we hit one million views – which is a very important milestone for me. I would like to thank all of you – our readers, for helping us reach this milestone. We now have 11 blog editors, almost 800 members in our forum, more than two thousand registered members in this blog, more than 850 people liked our Facebook page, and almost 100 people followed our Twitter. We are still striving to be the place people go to find Vocaloid news in English. We hope you can stay with us for years to come to our next milestone! Once again, thank you very much!

DT’s words:
Well, time sure flies as though it was last week when I first joined the forums back in March last year as a new Vocaloid fan. It was thanks to Kevin that I got onto the blog helping to post Vocaloid-related news and information before deciding to stay on for good eventually. But then there will always be appreciation towards individual members on the forum and readers on the blog who know their Vocaloid stuff since we would get some of the latest Vocaloid news from them as well. The journey’s been good so far for us on the blog and we hope to be able to post more Vocaloid news to the fans in the future.

While I have only been an official blog member for a short while now I have already seen this place grow. I am extremely honored to be allowed to be a part of not only the amazing Vocaloid world but also this site network. We strive to bring all the news (big or small) to the English-speaking fans and I hope I have helped at least a little in this mission. However, none of this would be possible if you, the readers, did not support us. I want to extend my greatest thanks to our readers; thank you for helping us reach this millstone and here’s to a million more!

Wow Vocaloidism, are you really 2 years old already? I’ve been a forum member and administrator ever since the beginning, and I never imagined that we would ever grow this big. One million is a huge number, if you counted non-stop every day, it would take you almost a month to get there. Well, it took us a bit longer than that, but that’s because you guys cared about every hit, right?
But we couldn’t have done it without our awesome blog team, endlessly researching news updates and camping for ranking videos, trying their hardest to keep all of you informed about the latest Vocaloid developments. With Miku coming to the west, and Vocaloid slowly growing out of its niche market, I foresee an even brighter future for the Vocaloidism blog and its team. Thanks guys, for all of your hard work bringing ad money fame to Vocaloidism, and may we continue to be the central axis of all that is Vocaloid news!

I’m kidding I’m kidding, V-ism will never have ads, no matter how much load you guys put on our servers, okay?

And here’s hoping Vocaloidism will be staying around as long as we can. Cheers~ ^___^

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  1. Oh, yay! It's so ironic that Vocaloidism's birthday is tomorrow, but I guess that means it kind of was an birthday present. :3

    1. The fanart was a bonus to add for the articles, we are concentrating more on bringing the news to everyone around. =)

  2. Just went through the stats, SingularityHub and Slashdot helped contributed a modest amount of views (3-digit) to our site.

  3. Congratulations! You guys totally deserve this 🙂 Vocaloidism is one of the best vocaloid sites that I've ever seen

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