Happy Birthday MEIKO 2010~

Image source: 露花

Another year on and our first Japanese Vocaloid MEIKO is actually celebrating her 6th birthday since her official release back in 2004. Venturing out as the first Vocaloid from Crypton our beloved neesan MEIKO has since paved the way for the rest of the Crypton Vocaloids, here’s to a long life and legacy for her! Just look on further for some of the notable songs created during late 2009 to 2010, more information and images after the break~

First off, notable songs created by some of the well-known MEIKO Masters and other producers around.

Song – Bad Apple!! (Touhou Vocaloid cover)
Producer – IGASIO

Song – Nanatsu no Kane
Producer – ShigotoshiteP

Song – Ace Killer ’69
Producer – AsakiNo’9

Song – Kin no Iribi ni Tebuukin
Producer – ■P

Song – NOISE
Producer – MijipinP

More notable MEIKO songs can be found here.

And onto some of the birthday songs created specially for MEIKO.

More MEIKO birthday songs can be found using this tag.

Also, SEGA has specially added DLC on the PSP platform to celebrate MEIKO’s birthday and you can see the list of items below available for download on the PSN Japan store.

“MEIKO Taishou Romance” – 300 yen

“MEIKO Memorial Booth” – 100 yen (tax included)

Birthday cake for MEIKO – 100 yen (tax included)

iCUP Drink for MEIKO – 100 yen (tax included)

And last but not least, birthday images created by artists on Pixiv for MEIKO. Enjoy~

Image source: toyu
Image source: あや子
Image source: まさきなつめ
Image source: とにょ:3日目レ44a
Image source: 秋吉
Image source: 芭村まゆ@ついった
Image source: ひぐれまちこ

More MEIKO birthday images on Pixiv. Once again, a Happy 2010 Anniversary to Meiko on her special day~ =)

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