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VocaRan SP5 Titlecard

Gentlemen… It is finally here. No comments and/or charts for the moment, so let’s just enjoy the videos below (after the break).

UPDATE #1: Partial translations are now up!

UPDATE #2: Part 3 is now up for viewing below!

VOCALOID Ranking SP5: OK, all the dreams came true -Part 1-

Viewers of VocaRan, hello!
It’s been a year since the last Special.

If you think about it, 3 years have passed since the release of Miku.
As they say “ishi no ue ni mo san nen” and “momokuri san nen, kaki hachi nen”*; 3 years really seem to be a turning point. It’s in this spirit that we’ll present you the SP5.

*these two Japanese proverbs, which could be literally translated to “even the coldest rock will get warm if sat on for three years” and “planted peach and chestnut seeds take three years to bear fruit, plums take eight” respectively, are close in meaning, more or less “perseverance prevails”.

This time too, I, Naho, will present it. Everyone, I hope I’ll meet your expectations.

Like the previous Special, this “VocaRan Special 5” will be comprised of 5 parts. And to celebrate the 3 years landmark, we have prepared a Special Project.

But let’s first explain the calculation method for this SP5. Since it differs from the regular weekly rankings, please read them carefully. It’s especially a must-read for those who haven’t followed Vocaloid much in 2010.

The biggest difference with the weekly VocaRan lies in the formula concerning the mylists. Rather than being multiplied by the “compensation value B” based on the so-called “mylist rate”, the number of mylists is always multiplied by ten.

Also, as for the videos that made it into the SP5 and that were already on the SP4, the points they had on the SP4 (without deducting the points of the SP3) will be deducted from the points of the SP5. Simply put, only what has increased from one year to the other will be counted.

Well then, let’s go to the ranking! This time too we’ll start from number 100. And don’t miss the Special Project I mentioned earlier in the somewhat scary announcement!

From number 100 to 71 in one shot… countdown!

That was number 100 to 71. 2010 was Gumi’s year. Songs like her cover of “Sayounara Memories”, or “Aitai” which had just been released in August of this year, made it into the ranking.

Also, there are lots of songs based on current events and trends. Songs that reflect the curent state of our society like “Kareshi no Saifu ga MAGIC TAPE Shiki Datta” or “Riajuu Bakuhatsu Shiro!” got popular.

Many of you probably felt nostalgic while watching the ranking so far? You realise that 1 year is a long time. This tendency is particularly strong on internet, where trends quickly die out after they have become popular.

Meanwhile, songs that got dear to peoples’ hearts over the years and became standards are still steadily continuing to enter the rankings too. It may be safe to assume that, if some songs among the dozens of new ones that are uploaded every day make their way into the the top of the rankings, it’s because they are backed up by the popularity of these standards.

Well then, let’s see number 70 to 41. “What happened to that song that was in the first positions back then…? And this song that originated a game…?” It’s a battlefield crowded with such videos. On to the exciting ranking! Here you go!

These were number 70 to 41. As you know, the 59th song, “Hatsune Miku no Gekishou”, is the boss song of “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd”. “DIVA 2nd” was a big hit, selling 240,000 copies on the first week after its release, and even became an arcade game.

Number 70 “DYE”, 52 “Hatsune Miku no Bousou (long version)” and 43 “IMITATION BLACK” are on the “Vocalogenesis” album. This “Vocalogenesis” accomplished the remarkable feat of being number one in the weekly Oricon album charts on May, 31st 2010.

Miku, who started off the Vocaloid movement, has been very active in the past 3 years. Number 1 in Oricon charts, number 1 in games too, among the most popular in karaoke rankings, and she even went to space; the only goal she has yet to reach is perform on Kouhaku…

But the origins of all this are the ones who use Vocaloid and create all kinds of works. Weren’t it for the users who create works and for the support of the users who listen and watch those works, these great achievements would never have been possible.

Do you sincerely enjoy those achievements? That’s what I want to confirm on part 2, with the Special Project. So, let’s jump to part 2!

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  1. Thanks for the transations ! And I really like 「石の上にも三年」, I will sure remember this proverb.

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