Hatsune Miku is One Step Closer to World Domination!

Well, it finally happened.

You heard right, Crypton is going to make an English Hatsune Miku. Earlier in the year, the CEO of Crypton stated that if Hatsune Miku got at least 39,390 likes on her official Facebook page, they would make an English Hatsune Miku. That goal has been achieved! Thousands of vocaloid fans got together and voted to help fullfill our humble dreams.ย The number 39 when said in Japanese sounds like san kyuu, or thank you with a Japanese accent. It can also be pronounced Miku using another counting system in Japanese.ย  Now, Crypton will have two engrish-speaking vocaloids!

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22 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku is One Step Closer to World Domination!”


    i wonder if the twins will get ): i feel like rin and len have no love anymore

  2. but its only miku rite? that's awesome!!!
    a simple program turns out to be a big hit!
    but wat about the twins….

    1. Maybe they will get an English voicebank in the future, but right now I think Crypton is focusing on their append.

  3. I wonder if they will sell other vocaloids in the U.S., too, even if they are still in Japanese. Will they make it available? :O

  4. This is amazing! I heard that the voice samples are already recorded, and a demo will be released soon. I hope it's true, and if it is, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

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