“Ochame Kinou” Hits One Million Views!

Image Source: 桜葉 雛乃

The first UTAU song ever to reach one million views on Nico Nico Douga is none other than ラマーズP/ゴジマジP’s catchy hit “Ochame Kinou”.

The song began in obscurity; it was merely one of many Teto originals produced to celebrate Teto’s birthday on April Fool’s Day this year. However, a month and a half later, the producer himself spawned a meme that launched “Ochame Kinou” into the spotlight– this meme was named Fukkireta. In conjunction with this meme, the viewcount on the original video for the song skyrocketed, and it has finally achieved a feat that no other UTAU original has to this date. Congratulations ラマーズP on another hit!

The below videos are only a small sample of the videos spurred to creation through the Fukkireta meme. Enjoy!

ラマーズP uploaded this a little after the original Fukkireta video. Someone took the frames used for this video and created a full-length color version:

And based on this video, many others created videos in the same style, most of them utatte mita.

Once again, congratulations ラマーズP, and hopefully this is the first of many other UTAU originals to achieve this milestone!

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7 thoughts on ““Ochame Kinou” Hits One Million Views!”

  1. Eh, I always thought the original had already surpassed 1 mill long time a go… Since Lon's version was already got over 3 million views.

  2. Well if your interest has been piqued, I have a list a mile long of great UTAU originals that you could check out. If you're interested.

  3. Do you know how hard it is to actually pull off the shoulder move with the head turning RIGHT? XDD It's hard.

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