Rin/Len Append Site Updated, More Sample Songs Added

Sneak preview of how the Append Kagamines will look like

Earlier this week Crypton has updated the Kagamines’ Append page giving us a sneak preview of how Append Rin and Len will look like when they are released. Rin’s Append will consist of “Power”, “Warm” and “Sweet” while Len will have Append “Power”, “Cold” and “Serious”.

Also, more samples using the Appends have been uploaded and you can go here to listen to all the samples available currently. Reservations for the Appends is up on the site for those interested and the software will be released in late December 2010 at a price of 16,800 yen (with taxes included).

We will update again when there’s more news on this.

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13 thoughts on “Rin/Len Append Site Updated, More Sample Songs Added”

  1. I really like their new voicebank, esp. Len Cold.

    But have you noticed how the web layout of Crypton's web site is ready to add CV04 ?

  2. Although I am really happy that the Kagamines are getting such awesome appends, I am very disapointed that their only getting 3 each. Granted, they are basically one product, but still…
    I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for more, I guess. (that probably won’t ever come, boo.)

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