Vocaloid Ranking SP5 part 2: The Final Countdown *Updated*

VocaRan SP5 Titlecard

To all the translators out there reading this: we now officially feel your pain. Translating these rankings have been so hard, we barely even have half of it done! A little help would be nice… but before that, let’s just enjoy the show.

UPDATE: The final part of the ranking has finally been uploaded!

Previous article here. You can also view the previous part after the break.


That’s Part 4 of the five-part “Vocaloid Ranking Sp5”! Finally it’s time for the top 10! Frow now on, we’ll see the songs in their long version, some of them with alternative PV’s. On NND, there are a lot of videos that are derived from songs; let’s enjoy them! Without further ado, let’s see number 10 to 4!

These were number 10 to 4!

There were 2 new songs. Number 6, “Paradichlorobenzene”, is a very addictive song, even though the lyrics are hard to interpret. The other one was number 4, “Rolling Girl”. Its rock sound is reminding of Wowaka’s previous songs “Ura-omote Lovers” and “Zurete Iku”. I think you know who this girl who keeps rolling represents…

We’ve just seen the top 10, with alternative PV’s; like lyrics, PV’s can be interpreted in many ways. Try to watch different PV’s and compare them. It’s fun! Also, there aren’t just PV’s, there are also Utatte Mita’s, Odotte Mita’s and Tsukutte Mita’s. We couldn’t present all of them in this Special because of time restrictions and copyrights issues, but feel free to look them up!

It’s almost time for the last part of this Special! Some of you are probably thinking “I already know the songs that made it into the Top 3!”, but please, wait for the exciting presentation!

… hm, but before that…

Adults’ VocaRan

It’s now time for one of our regular segments, the “Adults’ VocaRan”. It is the segment where we present the videos that were left out of the regular rankings because of their mature content. As for what exactly is “mature content”, you’ll know what I mean soon enough!

This year, some songs got really popular… what song will be number 1? You don’t want to miss it!

Let’s see all of them in one shot, starting with number 10! Of course, this time too the videos have been edited so that children can watch them too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That was the “Adults’ VocaRan”! If there’s a song that interests you, you can find the related information on each video. Of course, viewer discretion is advised… But let’s get back to our regular setting!

Finally, it’s time for Part 5! I wonder what songs have made it into the Top 3?

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