KAT-TUN Song’s Alleged Plagiarism Sparks More Controversy

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The internet has never taken kindly to people who steal other people’s work.

Yesterday, popular Vocaloid producer AVTechNO! removed all of his videos from Nico Nico Douga without explanation. Sure enough, within hours, the internet was buzzing. The plot thickened when a post was made that strongly implied the video removal was connected to the shock he felt while investigating comments that pointed out very strong similarities between his hit song “DYE” and a new song by popular J-pop group KAT-TUN. Later twitter posts by Treow would affirm that this was not the reason, or rather, the reason was related to stress, and that the videos would be back.

This didn’t stop people from realizing what had happened: it certainly appeared that the composers for KAT-TUN’s song “Never x Over” had stolen very recognizable parts of “DYE”.

Even though the video for “Never x Over” on youtube has been put on private (you can guess the reason), you can still judge the similarities for yourself: someone took the first minute of DYE and overlapped it with the first minute of “Never x Over”.

“Never x Over” is on the left side, while “DYE” is on the right. The video, uploaded today, currently has nearly 400,000 views.

The story of possible plagiarism has been steadily gaining ground, with a blurb written about it on Yahoo News, as well as mixi (account required), and although their handle on Vocaloid knowledge seems to be shaky, even Sankaku Complex (NSFW). Comments range from total Vocaloid newcomers asking what Vocaloid is, to people placing the blame on KAT-TUN, to people trying to remain neutral on the matter.

AVTechNO has yet to comment on this subject further. However, with all of the attention the matter is currently getting, he might have a chance of proving he’s been wronged, if he so desired.

Perhaps in response to all of this attention, “DYE” has risen to 57th place on iTunes Japan, and it has reached 2nd place in Amazon.jp MP3 downloads (source here).

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15 thoughts on “KAT-TUN Song’s Alleged Plagiarism Sparks More Controversy”

  1. noo that's horrible!! i love avtechno's AND kat-tun's songs!!
    but i hope the problem goes away without anyone "hurt"…..

  2. Guys, don’t blame KAT-TUN…I doubt they write their own songs. If anyone, it’s their songwriter. Does KAT-TUN even know Vocaloid?

    I love how Vocaloidism has its own “Controversy” tag now.

  3. please anyone here think wisely.
    I wont say KAT-TUN’s better or Vocaloid’s better, this thing don’t settle down the problem. the matter is the Never x Over’s composer.

  4. yes AVtechno is male i can vouch for that still it is a shock but is it soo much a shock to actually remove all your vid in nnd??

    i mean yeas it is some what plagiarized but if you remove em it will only show the fans of the said boy band that AVtechno was the plagiarizer

    still i am hoping for an updated follow up on this story because as i can rember reading AVtechno will re upload his songs or files but i do hope he do it soon because i loved his works expecial Dy and the latest the plus minus

  5. Please don’t flame KAT-TUN because of this. They didn’t make the song, they only performed it. They are not to be blamed. And for that matter, neither is Johnny’s responsible. It was their mistake that no one found out about the plagiarism, but it is unfair to them that they are getting all the blame. “Johnny’s unit KAT-TUN plagiarized Vocaloid’s song”. This is not true.

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