New Sample Songs Added For Rin/Len Append

The release date for the Appends is getting near~

Crypton has earlier updated the Rin/Len Append site with more samples and you can listen to the songs below.

Hello Nostradamus – Rin Power (Warm, Sweet), Producer – Rin&FutureNow (CapMiraP)
Tsumugi Uta – Rin Sweet/Len Power, Producer – DATEKEN
Renraku Mada – Rin Power, Producer – LiveP
Shuujin – Len Power (Cold, Serious), Producer – ShuujinP

Rin/Len Append will be released in late December 2010 at a price of 16,800 yen and you can pre-order the software over at AmiAmi (ships internationally).

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11 thoughts on “New Sample Songs Added For Rin/Len Append”


    They definitely sound like more work was put into these new voicebanks (probably because they are delicate?)
    Wonderful teaser design, great quality.

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