Append Rin/Len Official Illustration Unveiled, New Demo Song Added

The official illustration is finally up!

Update on Dec 10th 2010 – Added boxart illustration for Rin/Len Append

Crypton has updated the Rin/Len Append site earlier today to reveal the official illustration for Append Rin and Len. The first demo song has since been uploaded and you can listen to it as well as look at the boxart illustration after the break.

And here’s the official boxart illustration for Rin/Len Append below~

Demo Song – Startline – Main: Rin Power, Chorus: Rin Warm, Producer – KulfiQ

Also, the Append software has been made known to be released on December 27th 2010 (coinciding with their birthday as well) at a price of 16,800 yen with AmiAmi taking reservations for it currently.

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59 thoughts on “Append Rin/Len Official Illustration Unveiled, New Demo Song Added”

  1. Ohmygod, I love it. I knew they wouldn't fail me. YES~ The transparent parts look so good~! AND I love the inner gloves they have!

  2. Their new design looks fantastic!
    It's a little strange, they covered up Rin, but revealed more Len.
    They also don more serious faces than their previous innocent happy expressions.

    The design coincides with a futuristic upgrade to their previous outfit.
    Will they have another design a their official box art? Since Miku had some strange abstract gradient back ground with her in some flying/floating pose of sorts. (or maybe they wanted the dramatic because she is the star?)

    1. Agreed the new design is really good, unlike Miku append which IMO was a fail.

      Also Rin may be more covered, but this actually give her Zettai Ryouiki ! These new outfit are thus more sexy for both, increasing their apparent maturity.

      1. Miku append has her/their moments (n‘∀‘)η゚

        Oh. Shet. Now that you mention it, her legs do look better with slightly puffier white shorts. The ribbons are seriously throwing me off (but I can imagine the flair it would add in movements)
        I guess since they are like 16-18? now and have become more than just children-esque sensations it's time for a change? It's interesting, but I can't help but feel like they took snippets of Len's "Adult Dancer Costume" and changed the color scheme to "angelic". (ΘεΘ;) (ALSO. What are your thoughts on Vocaloid Producers re-doing previous Rin/Len songs?)

        WHOA. Edit to to my post above, the box art kind has that floating feel like Miku and the creepy abstract background.

  3. VERY NICE, KAGAMINES. (lens still makes him seem a bit…)
    I like the designs, but I hope they change their poses to something more upbeat.
    And don’t hate me for saying this, but Rins Power kinda reminds me of Teto but without the spring in her voice, but her pronunciation is very good! But still, I can’t wait until their released. ^^ Kagamine ftw??

  4. Mikus design was more drastic. I like this Append way less. And I'm the kind of fan that always prefered Kagamines to Miku.

  5. They. Look. AWESOME. A lot more white than they had black and yellow last time!

    Can't wait for the few months later when new Kagamine music comes out!
    Anyone pumped up for Synchronicity Part 3 using Append?

  6. Loving this so hard. In terms of how much I love them, Rin/Len append design=original Rin/Len design and Rin/Len append design>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Miku append desgin, which was horribad imo. Mostly because of the sluttiness

  7. I…LOVE IT. As far as the append designs go, I love this one much more than Miku's. I like how they look older, it's fitting. I wish that it stayed the same price, though. (didnt' Miku's append stay the same price?)

  8. I was just listening to len's "imitator" append demo song, and….. his voice can go REEEEEEAAALLLLY high….. I looooove it though <3 <3 <3 <3

  9. They had to show Len's stomach! I love the designs, even though I don't get why Rin is more covered up than Len is. Probably for the fangirls? I love how they look more mature than before, too. And Rin has grown alot. They look like they're taller, like 5"5 or something rather than the 5 feet they used to be.
    Maybe the artist wanted to make Rin less childish and sorta take away the "shota" title Len has. :p I love it, overall. <3 I'm gonna try drawing them like this!

    1. No, I also like it better then Miku's, its very mesmerizing imo. I also like their outfits better then Miku's. Honestly, there was nothing practical about being barefoot in that leotard thing they put her in.

  10. I'm in the minority here in that I'm not. . .super in love with these outfits. Miku Append's design was streamlined, fresh, and elegantly simple. Rin and Len's, on the other hand, look rather cluttered. I'm not saying they're terrible (I'm sure they'll grow on me with time), but, to be honest, I was looking forward to something else.

    I do like how they look more mature though (namely OPP(ry), and I absolutely adore the boxart. And I do love Osamu-sama's art–in my opinion, it's much, much better than KEI's.

  11. I love this waaaay more than Miku's append – they atleast have pants XD!
    This is also way more cosplayable than Miku's… hmmmm…

  12. im soo loving their now look also the semi transparent leg and arm warmer thingy is also a nice and awesome touch

    also now Len looks more manly well thats a good and sad part HE IS MANLY >_< i miss the shota Len already huhuhuhuh

  13. Not trying to troll on the outfits, I do like it, but Im mad that they gave rin boobs! They also made her bow smaller! T.T and len looks so gay!!!!!! I really dont mean to upset people who like the design, but its going to forever urk me….. =.=

  14. Wow, they're append designs are AWESOME! I shall miss their old design though, it makes them look childish which adds to their cuteness. But this! They look so epicly cool! I especially love how the sleeves goes from opaque to transparent!

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