Soundation Studio Includes Vocaloid Christmas Song Excerpts

Ann and Al bring on the Holiday cheer!

Hello Vocaloidism-ers! PowerFX, developers of Vocaloids Sweet Ann and Big Al, and the developers of Soundation Studio, the music-making web app, have just released over 130 Christmas and New Year loops and sounds for everyone to use. Included are 6 Christmas song excerpts from Big Al and Sweet Ann as well as both saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year.” Now you can make a sonic Christmas greeting with Sweet Ann or Big Al (or yourself) and post it! There is also a Holiday song contest with the winner to receive both Sweet Ann and Big Al.

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7 thoughts on “Soundation Studio Includes Vocaloid Christmas Song Excerpts”

  1. Sweet Ann sounds really good in Santa Baby, I underestimated the Engloids. I would save up to get one, but with the news of an English Miku, I'd rather get that!

    1. You don't know how Miku will turn out yet. And in the meanwhile you could be getting vital experience on using english vocaloids that will help you with Miku. As others point out, her voice acteress isn't able to speak english, whereas Luka's is and people have complaints against Luka's level of english as it is.

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