Weekly UTAU Ranking #110 – Now THAT’s More Like It

A bit early, but Merry Christmas everyone!
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Last week, I was kind of blah. I’m sorry for that. This week, however, is fantastic, and I’m sincerely excited to bring you this crop of new songs! (Seriously, they’re all new, except for two).

Who will come in number one? Well, we all probably already know. But who will come in numbers two and three? Did you know MimiroboP has a new song out? Will KetraP’s song go higher in the rankings? And where will 6410’s new song with my waifu Sayu rank? All that and more in this week’s installment of UtaRan! Let’s-a-go!!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the weekly UTAU ranking.

There’s only two more weeks left in the year, huh… The videos for the Kouhaku UTAU Battle 2010 are all present, too.

Of the participating videos, including latecomers, we reached close to an immense 250 in number! That’s really amazing!

Thus the voting for the Kouhaku UTAU Battle will begin. Voting will continue until just before midnight on December 25th. (Note: about 10 AM EST)

People who haven’t voted yet, be sure to go place your vote! Kouhaku UTA Battle on @wiki: http://www44.atwiki.jp/uta_kouhaku/pages/1.html

Well then, let’s begin the ranking.

-Editors: deztora, chibikarla, Aster Selene, Holocauxt, Bunnychan, Pokénatic
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)





☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #58)


Number one this week was oimo-san’s cover of “Melancholic” using Kasane Teto. Congratulations!

The singing and the video are both very appealing. Teto-chan and Miku-chan are very cute, yes? ♪

Now then, it’s time for the ending consisting of the rest of the top 100 ranked songs and the rest of the 25 extra ranking songs. Until next time!

deztora: My pick for this week is a personal favorite. Kyouen came out in celebration of Ritsu’s birthday two months ago. It’s a very cool song that’ll have you bobbing your head to the beat. Rock on!
bunnychan: This week I will give you more Yufu, this time being ZudodonP’s “slight light”. This was another soothing track that got me hooked on Yufu.

Like I said, great week this week. Almost entirely new songs in the top twenty, but look at the scores! High points all around this week, and a lot of great songs to download.

On a bit of an unrelated note, I’ve officially bought Ruko Radio and Marble through an import service, and I’ve discovered you can buy the tracks from Graduation From Lie on English-language iTunes. (There goes the last of my money… *big sigh*) Now, would anyone be interested in an article reviewing the CDs? You’ll have to wait a bit on Graduation From Lie, but believe me, I’m buying those songs.

*raises hand* OHOH, ME DEZ, BUNS IS INTERESTED! I will also be buying those CDs as soon as Shin lets go of my wallet. >.>

Anyhow, amazing week is amazing. I’m actually shocked by the fact that so much new stuff this week was NOT Teto! As much as I love Teto I also love seeing other UTAU get their chance to shine; let’s hope it continues.

I guess that’s it for this week, then. Tune in next time, where I– hold on a minute. It feels like something is behind me, but I don’t seOHGODSOMEONEHELPM

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    1. Oh, I see. Thanks for that. Although it's probably not a coincidence that they're moving their left hands to a song titled "Southpaw," right? =D

  1. Hm, I still prefer Watabe Nanami's Luna model over this Lat-style version, but it's still nice looking.

    And damn, am I getting sick of these Basaraloids. At least the Im@sloids sound good, but these… just ugh.

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