More Sample Songs Added For Rin/Len Append

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Recently Crypton has yet again updated the Rin/Len Append page with new sample songs and you can listen to them below.

Rin-Hai Sengen – Rin Warm, Producer – JevanniP

Darkness Six – Len Power, Producer – AVTechNO!

Boku wa Haineko – Len Power (Cold), Lyrics – Urahanabi, Compose – NioP

Yotsuba no Clover – Rin Warm + Sweet, Producer – ToraborutaP

Rin/Len Append is set to be released next Monday on the 27th at a price of 16,800 yen. AmiAmi is taking reservations for it currently at 15,500 yen.

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13 thoughts on “More Sample Songs Added For Rin/Len Append”

  1. Oh that picture at the top O_O *nosebleeeeeeeeed* Len how can you be so hot with both your body of yours AND your voice????? >.>
    I was obsessed with Darkness Six for a long time but that append ver is just….. WOW there should be more remakes of AVtechNO!'s songs.

    1. Listen to the original song on Youtube. In English it's called 'I am an Ash Cat'. Even without the Append, that producer managed to make him sound very different than usual. In the best possible way.

  2. I'm gunna explode from happiness! Len and rin have been my favorites scince the start, so you can imagine how I feel!!! When i listened to Len's power mode I about jumped XD

    I mean, Len actully sounds like a guy! And his append outfit is amazing! And Rin too! she sounds to beutiful!!! I'm trying so hard not to explode…. But… But YAY!!!! Their append is genius!!!! >w<

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