Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater 2nd

Sega continues to give Vocaloid fans more reasons to own both a PSP and PS3 with Dreamy Theater 2nd (tentative title). This game/add-on is now in development (still in the early stages) and will be slated for the summer of next year, so look forward to it!

DK says:

I’m personally looking forward to MEIKO’s booty shaking in HD… *drools*

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3 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater 2nd”

  1. Figured this was likely to be inevitable and I'm glad that it is. Definitely going to have to get this when it's released.

  2. Great news!

    I noticed there were no holds or directions used, unlike in PD2. Hopefully that will change during development.

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