VOCALO Revolution!

"CUL" from VOCALO Revolution

Yes, you have probably been hearing about this “VOCALO Revolution” lately and wondering what it is about. Well, it’s a TV program which consists of interviews with the respective software creators and developers, Producers and their fans while showcasing some of the latest Vocaloid PVs around, and all in all helping to bring the cultural aspect of Vocaloid to a wider audience. For more information, as well as to listen to the ending theme of the program, just continue reading after the break!

The character that you see in the starting image of this article is CUL, an original character by VOCALO Revolution utilizing the VY1 voicebank. She’s the one singing the ending theme.

ED Credits:
Producer – masatakaP
Music – 164
Lyrics – HirotoP

This program will begin to air in January 2011 and below is the list of currently known TV stations showing the program and their schedules.

Edit on Dec 26th 2010 – TV stations linked to respective pages on Wikipedia to avoid confusion.

KBS – Jan 3rd 2011 from 23:00〜23:55
SUN – Jan 4th 2011 from 22:00〜22:55
CTC – Jan 6th 2011 from 19:00〜19:55
tvk – Jan 8th 2011 from 19:00〜19:55
MTV (Mie TV / 三重テレビ) – Jan 10th 2011 from 20:00〜20:55
TVS – Jan 16th 2011 from 20:00〜20:55

Do take note that this program isn’t likely to be a series at the moment, and it’s not shown on any of the major networks known (the list of TV stations mentioned are independent ones as they are part of JAITS). However, should this information change, we will update and notify accordingly.

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23 thoughts on “VOCALO Revolution!”

  1. wow…that's great news..though why is have to be different character..?is this have something to do with copyright thingys..?

    1. I'm guessing just Japan, it said these aren't major stations, they're independant ones. I'm guessing if it gets enough hype (and vocaloid gets more hype around the world) it'll be translated and shown somewhere.

  2. Uhhh… I’m rather unfamiliar with these station names (though I highly doubt I can watch it from here). Are these Japan-only stations? O_o

    1. Its sort for "Culture", but yeah, still funny. Reminds me of the time that Ford (the car manufactorers) named a car, however, they later found out that the name was also slang in the county of Essex (england) for something REALLY nasty.

      1. "CUL makes Revolution!" made me laugh out loud. That's too bad since the music is awesome but I can't focus on it…

  3. Lol I bet this vid is gonna be on top of the VocaRan for a while.

    Anyway looks awesome… Except its most likely not going to have any subs =(.

  4. Pardon the noob question, but will this be uploaded to NND or do I need to track down a cctv.ws link to one of those Japanese TV stations?

  5. There will be a link directory including a link exchange service. Check out soon! – I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday. W.C.Filelds 1880

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