Happy 3rd Birthday, Kagamine Rin and Len!

Image source: bunnychan
Image source: bunnychan

Ever since Kagamine Rin and Len were officially born back on December 27th 2007 we have been hearing lots of great songs from them thanks to the many talented producers around, and this year of 2010 is no exception. What’s better still is that Append Rin and Len will also be released today, which makes it a double birthday to the fans from now on. We are glad to bring you this article celebrating the Kagamines’ birthday so just continue reading for more Rin and Len goodness~

To start we want to share with you a collection of excellent songs by the Kagamines that were released this year. First up are the songs that have reached over 100k in views, hence entering the Vocaloid Hall of Fame on Nico Nico Douga.

OwataP feat. Kagamine Rin“Antichlorobenzene”
Sequel to the popular Len song “Paradichlorobenzene” this song can be played right along with it and has many of the same characteristics, such as nonsense and depressing lyrics.
Just as catchy as the first song, this HAS to be in any Kagamine fan’s playlist.
This song is definitely brain-washing enough on its own, play it together with Paradichlorobenzene and the effect doubles.

Junky feat. Kagamine Rin“Melancholic”
In this highly tuned, well, tune, Rin sings about how she cannot understand why her heart is affected by someone, wondering if she will always remain as aloof and un-honest as she currently is toward the person she loves.
This is one of the most popular Rin songs of the year and once you listen to it you’ll see why; it’s adorable, catchy, and has a nice video.
The popularity of this song is evident when you can find hundreds and hundreds of covers on Nico Nico Douga, which shows how good the song itself is.

TakeponG@ChomuP feat. Kagamine Rin“I Can Take Off My Panties!”
Yes, I see what the title says. But the lyrics could be interpreted as a girl deciding that she is tired of doing what she is told, so she is “take off her panties,” experience freedom, and become an adult. Panties are used as symbol for being a child and freedom is responsibilities.
This has panties in the title, of course I love it. But despite those innuendos it really is a great song about growing up.
Ah, the freedom that can only felt with putting off something restrictive known as panties.

HitoshizukuP feat. Kagamine Rin & Len“Secret 〜Black Vow〜”
Story-driven and with beautiful illustrations, here Rin plays an angel who is taken in by a girl (Miku) and instantly falls in love with her; however, Miku is already engaged with another person and is horrified when Rin tells her of her feelings. Then a strange boy appears (Len) and Miku falls in love with him and they run away together. But Miku’s former fiancé follows them and shoots Miku. Len, upon finding her body, gives up his life for her, leaving behind only a flash of Rin and a single black feather. There is also a sequel featuring Miku (only available on CD) that tells the story from her perspective.
The story, video, and music here is AMAZING. There is not a single thing I don’t like about this song.
Once again the producer of the Synchronicity series has shown us how good her songs can be together with high quality illustrations from Suzunosuke.

cosMo@BousouP feat. Kagamine Len & Rin“Haito Atelierista nite”
Something a little different than what we’ve come to expect from cosMo, this track has a overly happy tune and fills you w/ feelings of cold nights spent snuggled next to the one you love.
I feel in love the moment this song started. While I love cosMo’s fast-singing, something as heartfelt as this is highly welcomed.
Full of love and cheerful vibe, I can’t help but smile when listening to this song.

LiveP feat. Kagamine Rin“MyList Dame!”
This song plays on how people sometimes MyList (favorite) songs on Nico in a careless matter (this has sometimes lead to abuse on the Weekly Rankings). Rin sings about the MyListing and comments as if they were the tricks of a player. She acts as if she is irritated, yet she is a little happy with the attention.
So, so true about MyListing. And only through Vocaloid can a point being proven (this DID gain a lot of MyLists!).
Frequent users of NND would be familiar with most of the terms mentioned in the song. Have you been guilty of MyListing songs just for the sake of it? I know I do at some point.

Dios(SignalP) feat. Kagamine Rin“UNBALANCE”
One of the masters of the Kagamine presents us w/ a sad song about two lovers who cannot reveal their true selves to each other.
I bought the VLSCRAMBLE CD just for this one and SAM’s. Anything Dios produces w/ the Kagamines is always an instant classic.
Dios/SignalP has scored again with another excellent Rin song which always drew lots of love from the Kagamine fans. Of course, Tamuro Hiro’s illustration is another reason to like this song more.

YuchaP feat. Kagamine Rin“Kuusou Palette”
A visually catching video and a smooth rock track in addition to great tuning make this a not-to-miss Rin song.
This is a song I can keep on loop for quite a while and never get tired of it. It has a great quality to it.
The song itself is lively and cheerful. The animation effect is simple but that only brings out the charm of the song better. Also, I know I have mentioned this before but I would love to see a nice Rin cosplay in her street chic outfit. <3

BucchigiriP feat. Kagamine Len“Tantei Mushimegane ~ Saraba Kaijin 256 Mensou”
Brought to us by the same producer as Rin’s “Noroi no Megane” this song’s title translates as “Detective Magnifying Glass ~ Farewell Mysterious Man 256 Faces” and tells the story of Len as a reluctant detective who cannot catch the Mysterious Man. He is followed by his assistant (GUMI) while he wonders why he continues to do what he does not enjoy.
I love this one just as much as Rin’s song. Even my husband tends to hum/whistle along w/ this one when it comes up to play.
The catchy music of this song is good, fans will probably remember Noroi no Megane better but the quality of this song is still there.

Kouhei/K’s Sound Project feat. Kagamine Len“Out of Eden”
In this rock song Len compares being in the Garden of Eden as a “disease that leads to death.” He desires the Forbidden Fruit of love between friends and how something once playful is now a sin.
A very adult song for our little Len; he’s growing up fast.
This song has been rather addictive ever since I listened to it on NND and it has stayed as one of my favorite Len songs for the year.

sasakure.UK feat. Kagamine Rin“The Weekend’s Coming!”
Another song in the “end of the world” series by sasakure.UK. The Japanese word “shuumatsu” is used for both “weekend” and “the end” (both use different kanji), so there is some word play. Here, Rin is a young girl who does not really car about the current horrible state of the world, only that she is hopelessly in love with a guy who is fighting in the war. She is unable to be honest about her feelings and writes letter after letter, unable to bring herself to actually send one, but instead ends up just throwing them “to the world.”
For such a catchy beat this sure is a depressing song. But, then again, most of the songs in this series are like that.
Pretty much so, a optimistic sounding yet depressing song there.

There’s more memorable Kagamine songs around, just look on below for the list of remaining songs.

Hinata Haruhana feat. Kagamine LenThe Riddle Solver Who Can’t Solve Riddles – In this story-driven song we follow a “case” as a detective tries to solve the “riddle.” The story is fairly dark and has a twist. There is also a sequel featuring Rin that shows a different viewpoint of the events.

Giga feat. Kagamine LenKurumi☆Ponchio – This cover of a rather “suggestive” Miku song is quite fun to listen to. Giga used five different Len’s throughout the song and I guarantee once you listen to it you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

mayuko feat. Kagamine Rin & LenHakaokuri no Uta – A more creepy track, this is bested listened to through headphones, as the way the Kagamine’s voice spin around your ears is one of the best parts of this song.

RerereP feat. Kagamine LenBoku to Alice no Wonderland – A upbeat song based on “Alice in Wonderland.

UtsuP feat. Kagamine RinTHE DYING MESSAGE – Here in this metal song Rin is fighting her depression with the feelings of love despite the world “dying” around her.

And now we move on to the Editors’ Recommendation section where a few blog staff here will list out some of the quality Kagamine songs which we think were just as good but wasn’t as popular as the songs above (>100k in views).

DT’s Recommendations

150P feat. Kagamine Rin & Len“Conviction ~dan・zai~”
This song here has good vocals, a nice beat and the visual effects is simply beautiful. Kagamine fans will like this because I know Bunnychan and I enjoyed this a lot even months after it was uploaded.

NanameueP feat. Kagamine Rin“Rin Rin HIGH☆MIND”
One of Rin’s biggest charm best illustrated in this lively animation about Rin falling in love and then having to be separated from her love, Rin’s bouncing bow makes it hard to resist her cuteness.

LamazeP feat. Kagamine Rin“Faults Script”
Simple but catchy Rin song, it’s easy to have the song on repeat.

bunnychan’s Recommendations

hideto aoki feat. Kagamine Rin & Len“SUPER FLAT DIGITAL LOVE”
I find it extremely hard to believe that this wonderful song has so few views. A very techno and upbeat track mainly features Rin w/ Len doing backing vocals for a song that will leave you w/ a smile on your face.

HikkiP feat. Kagamine Rin“Watashi wa ENJA desu”
A must watch simply for the amazing video of Rin being beaten and thrown around by mysterious black hands. The video mixes 3D and 2D for a very interesting and entertaining watch.
This is something that you will either hate or love. I. Love. It. It’s like an acid trip down a fast rollercoaster ride, so all you can do is hang on and enjoy it.

minusP feat. Kagamine Rin – “First Virus Resistance_ Restart Chapter”
The final chapter of a series (part one, part two) where Rin is battling a virus attack. In her final assault Rin has inputted another virus program into herself in order to win, but is slowly losing herself in the process. This series is great and is one of my favorites.

And here’s the list of other equally deserving Kagamine songs in our opinion.

DATEKEN feat. Kagamine Rin & LenNever -High Speed Revolution mix- – With this remix DATEKEN has simplified his earlier arrangement down to the basics of good lyrics and a steady beat. The song speaks about love in terms of various foods, most notably natto.

Gacha(Precieams) feat. Kagamine Len“SheSaw Day” – A more original and different style song here, this one features some mind-blowing tuning of Len’s voice.

JesusP feat. Kagamine Rin & Len“Kaga PIYO!” – Rin and Len go on a date in this ungodly adorable song mainly told from Len’s perspective. Small yellow birds representing the two are used through the video to add yet another cute level to a song that will rot your teeth.

SAM(samfree) feat. Kagamine Rin“Fate of Soul ~The Dark Over a Period~” – SAM doesn’t use Rin very much, but when he does it’s always great. Here the lyrics to this wishful sounding song Rin sings about how she wishes to fulfill her love’s greatest wish, even if that means she is no longer needed by him.

YuchaP feat. Kagamine Rin“Fuyuzora Memory” – Not only is the song itself full of emotion, but combined with the illustration and the skillful use of Rin’s voice…. this will completely blow you away.

Next up, songs created for the Kagamines specially for their birthday.

More Kagamine birthday songs can be found using this tag.

Up next, the Kagamine Songs Ranking videos for the year 2010.

And finally, Kagamine illustrations done up by artists on Pixiv. Enjoy~

Image source: 凌
Image source: 涼
Image source: ひいろ
Image source: matoba
Image source: i-Riya
Image source: たま
Image source: Glider
Image source: ICA
Image source: ICA
Image source: しらたき
Image source: Hekicha
Image source: SK
Image source: きのえ
Image source: 山川
Image source: 座敷ウサギ

Thanks for sitting through this enormous article and celebrating the Kagamines’ third birthday w/ us; I was certainly happy to be creating the opening image to help celebrate. I think this has been an excellent year for them and I look forward for an even better 2011. I’m already in love w/ the Append versions and cannot wait to see what comes from them. So here’s to Rin and Len, our favorite blonde Vocaloids, to roadrollers, and to all the fans who take the time to visit Vocaloidism~
Happy Birthday again to Rin and Len, hopefully we will get to hear more great songs from them as always and may them continue to be adored by many of the fans around.

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  1. happy b-day kagamine!!
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  2. Happy birthday Rin and Len!
    Such versatile beautiful voices~

    Oh fact-check on Secret/Vow: the sequel; Secret~White Vow~ pretty much confirms Len actually was Rin in disguise/turned into a boy…it is vague though so I’ll give you that. But a definite summary error, it was Rin’s fiancee/boyfriend, not Miku’s, who shot Miku in jealousy.

  3. uh so nazotoki was written by hinata haruhana, not 7:24

    i’m kind of saddened by this mistake, i expected better from vocaloidism ):

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