More Sample Songs Update For Rin/Len Append (As Of Dec 27th)

Sing on, Append Rin and Len! (Image source: ζ­’γΎγ‚Œ)

Just in case you haven’t noticed Crypton has updated the Rin/Len Append page on the Kagamines’ birthday yesterday with 5 new sample songs and with this update there’s now a total of 28 sample songs available for listening on the site. You can listen to the songs right below.

Wasurenbou – Rin Power – AgoanikiP

Migikata no Chou (Rin) – Rin Power(Power) – NoriP (Lyrics – Mizuno Yura, Composer – NoriP)

Migikata no Chou (Len) – Len Power(Power) – NoriP (Lyrics – Mizuno Yura, Composer – NoriP)

soundless voice – Len Power(Cold) – HitoshizukuP

RinLenRaRiRin – Rin Power(Sweet), Len Power(Serious) – UnimemoP

We will bring you more news as they come along so do stay updated then~

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9 thoughts on “More Sample Songs Update For Rin/Len Append (As Of Dec 27th)”

  1. The remakes of all of them in Append mode sound interesting. The Lyrics are indefinitely CLEARER. It may sound like pitchbend most of the time—because we anticipated voices that sound like another singer. Appends are just add-ons to previous voice banks to better suit a producers need for a different tone/vocal mood in their songs.

    but I guess some sound like little to no change because all they did for the samples were simply voicebank switch (some definitely sound like no settings were tweaked; don't quote me on that).

  2. Wtf is with the creators names always ending with "P"? Is it some sign of something or something? o.o

    1. "P" stands for "Producer". Producer names are typically nicknames made by fans that usually have something to do with one of the producer's songs. (Example: SignalP, creator of Rin Rin Signal.) If a producer supplies a name to be used, however, it does not usually end in "P". (Example: hachi.) In some instances, a producer can be known by two names. (Example: cosMo/BousouP.)

      1. AH, THANKS!! That is why "Mothy"'s other name is "AkunoP" Because he created the Akuno series!

        God, I'm such a n00b.

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