Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #169 – Resolutions

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Welcome back to the last (full) vocaran of 2010! I hope all of you had a great Christmas with your families, and had fun (but not too much with alcohol…) over the holidays. Watch out for Rin/Len Append songs coming out next week!

Naho’s Opening Statement:

The time has come once again for this week’s VocaRan! “Kagamine Rin/Len” has been released for three years now! And now their Append has been released! Rin-chan! Len-kyun! Happy birthday you two!

Also, there’s only one more week left in 2010! The ranking is also affected by the end of the year! With year-end events and the Winter Comiket and such, there’s lots of new songs in the ranking!

Well then, let’s begin! This week as well, from number thirty, we’re starting! Douzo!


-Editors: Pengy, DTKel, Holocauxt, deztora, descent87, bunnychan
-Translator: deztora
-Song Status: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

That was this week’s number one song.

As we approach the end of 2010, there’s a huge event. Japan’s biggest place to buy doujin products, “Comic Market 79” will run from December 29th to December 31st at Tokyo Big Sight. Of course, there will be a lot of Vocaloid circles participating.

If you’re participating in the event, be sure to read the rules carefully, listen to the instructions of the people in charge, and mind your manners. Also, be safe returning home, so you can be greeted by the new year…

And with that, here’s the rest of the ranking, from number 31 onward.

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

It’s too early to see Rin/Len Append songs up here, but expect them next week! There had better be Rin and Len Append in the top three or the Buns will rage!!

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and have a Happy New Year!.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #169 – Resolutions”

  1. Black Gold is so good! otetsu has been releasing some great songs recently, I can't wait until they're on iTunes. Side note: If Black Gold comes on while you're driving, you will start to exceed the speed limit. There's no way around it, just be advised.

  2. Gotta say, I didn't expect BigAl to be used like that. And the fact that Gakupo is in there too makes it even more epic and hilarious. I hope to see more of this Brothers From Across the Ocean style.
    The MMD of Gumi in Matryoshika is amazing, especially the execution of the 5-2-4. Very well thought out.
    Haven't seen a lot of Baker lately. Hope the Pickup gains.
    Not getting any earworms here.
    #3 wasn't good to me. Parts of the background music were off by a half tic and it made following along painful.
    #1 isn't Wowaka? Fooled me there.
    Next week's first spot is being taken by DYE2 without fail. Sorry for those hoping for an Append Sweep.

    1. Actually… OSTER Project’s new song so far is looking to take the top spot.
      Unless DYE2 can keep up it’s pace and OSTER’s starts to fall dramatically…

  3. With this new number 1, of course every first thought of ura-omote… but I think instead of accusing the song of copying ura-omote lovers, or complaining that wowaka's songs alls ound the same, the community should accept that the fast-and-rhythmical melodic-rap style characteristic of these songs have matured into its own genre… and I like it!

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