2010 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 1

And so it begins.   A big thanks goes out to everyone who put in comments. Our blog staff took all of your suggestions into consideration and now we start the actual awards process.  You may find it a little late, but considering clock lock works came out while we were doing last year’s awards, we didn’t want to leave anything in 2010 out.

Anyway, the guidelines are as such: Our blog staffers provide the nominations and you vote on the winners using the polls at the end of each article.  Each voting period will last for two weeks, but a new article will come up every one week, so don’t forget to check in regularly for the latest awards.

First up, the Best in Genre awards.

Best Pop Song

These songs are akin to Oricon-dominating J-Pop or a typical anime OP.  And the nominees are:

Best Rock Song

A driving 4/4 rhythm of classic rock, the devil-may-care attitudes of punk and ska, or the raw energy of metal.  The nominees for Best Rock Song are:

Best Dance Song

These songs all have a good beat, whether it’s techno and its offshoots or just a tune with an awesome BPM.  Here are your nominees:

Best Alternative Song

These songs just don’t fit the other categories.  Maybe it’s a chiptune, or folk music, or one of the other classic music genres that Vocaloids don’t often cover.  No matter the reason, these 5 songs shine just as bright as the others:

That’s all we have for this week.  Remember, voting lasts until January 15, but our next article is January 10.  Thanks for voting, and hope to see you next time.

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49 thoughts on “2010 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 1”

  1. The nominations were interesting and some were unexpected.
    Great choices, however.
    We shall wait for the final results with great anticipation!

  2. Whyyyyyyy did DYE and World's end dancehall have to be together??????? TT^TT That was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made….

  3. Hmm none of the alternative ones I really like, and alternative is a genre that I love… wish mugs was on there… oh well.

    1. Haha, mugs and Parades are two of my favorite songs to relax too, while they might not win an award they were definitely something special, love them.

      1. And don't really understand how it is a problem, besides, even having a NND account I prefer to browse on YT which is so much more streamlined and friendly to use ….

    1. Several reasons actually.

      1) We normally embed the videos in articles, but that would make the article several pages longer than needed. I wanted to keep it svelte for people like me still on low-resolution configs.

      2) I can’t speak for other editors, but I don’t condone posting YT links of NND songs. 99 times out of 100, they’re posted by someone other than the original author(s), and giving a person credit/traffic for someone else’s work isn’t cool.

      3) We’ve spelled out how to sign up for NND, whether it’s here or on the publicly-viewable forums. It’s still free for a basic membership, which is what I’ve had for a couple of years now.

      4) There’s nothing saying you can’t C&P the titles into a Google Search and find a watchable video from there. :3

  4. Yellow
    Rolling Girl
    World’s End Dancehall

    I am sure about the winner for all the sections except for Pop. I only chose Yellow because its PVs are so great and none of the songs in the Pop section were of any interest to me.

    1. All of my choices right here. ♥ (And I even agree about the video for Yellow. It helps that kz is pretty awesome, too.)

  5. Interesting list, that was hard to put only five choices I guess. Also I even discovered a new song (The Endless Love) I don't know which Vocaran I missed …

    1. I'm sure you might have heard them but if his style of music appeals to you be sure to check out "Incarnation" (personal fave), "Unfragment", and "Plug Out". Its pretty good stuff.

  6. I definitely think World's End Dancehall should've been rock…

    But I put my vote in. It was a bit painful, honestly. XD But I chose depending on which songs I felt really impacted the community the most, because those are the songs that truly deserve to be recognized. ^^

    1. WED was put in the dance category because the person who nominated it did so for that category. Out of both fairness and respect to my fellow blog staff, I will not change any nominations unless there is a clear and obvious error.

  7. …Goddammit.
    V-ism staff, you have painted me into a corner…
    To the songs: If I don't pick you, no hard feelings, okay? I still love you.

    Best Pop Song – Caught between Yowamushi and Melancholic, but went towards Yowamushi.
    Best Rock Song – I love Mosaic Roll. I love Rolling Girl…but since I already picked Yowamushi, and since Ie ni Kaeru is wwwwwwwwwwwwww, I picked that one. (NOBODY will vote for that one – by the way, can you please translate the title? A lot more people would prolly vote for it if they recognized the English title.)
    Best Dance Song – Since I didn't pick Rolling Girl for Rock I went for WED (even though I like Rolling Girl better than WED). I do like DYE, but the meaning of the lyrics and the beat…really don't make up a song I feel myself "dancing" to (maybe a different genre).
    Alternative – I hate you, Vocaloidism. Matryoshka, Antichlorobenzene, and Venomania – in the SAME category?!?! Goddammit. I'll vote later when I think about it. Oh god.

  8. The best pop song’s going to have a tough competition, My vote goes to Melancholic, though – it is pointless to vote for Yowamushi Montblanc because but I have a feeling that Yowamushi Montblanc would win by a landslide at the end anyway – I want my vote to be able to make a difference. 😀

  9. i don't know about anyone else, but it was a tough choice between mosaik role and rolling girl…

    mosaik role was about overcoming your dark sdie to find your true self, having a little fun out of the struggle, and eventually leaving wiser and stronger than you once were….

    but then again, rolling girl really touched me as i connected with miku and how she kept spiraling (rolling) over and over again, and somehow she kept trying and putting on a false smile to hide the pain of failing from others. but there was one person who could see past the false face she put on and, in the end, she finnaly realized that was what kept her going. she realized in the end, all she needed was him. (just a little side note here, i'm a dude…)

    in the end, rolling girl won… the video seriously deserves the recognition/award (do they give out rewards for this kind of thing?) more than mosaik role


  10. Wow, those were hard choices! XS I've never heard of 'The Endless Love' before, but it sounds amazing!

    Ahh…so many good songs… @__@

  11. OMG this was definitely really hard for me.__Best Pop: couldn't decide, Yowamushi or Melancholic… went with Yowamushi__Best Rock: i actually like them all, but (of course) Mozaik Roll or Rolling Girl (of course again), i went with Rolling Girl since it had more of an impact for me__Best Dance: World's End or DYE… so hard… but went with DYE since of Lily :)__Best Alternative: Matroshyka, Antichlorobenzene or Time Machine, yes Time Machine, really under-rated…but Matroshyka won.

    1. If only we could give a best song of year award for each Vocaloid….the Rin's would definitely have to be Melancholic. That one song made me like Rin, and to this day its one of my favorites.

  12. Happy Synthesizer
    The Endless Love

    Cause someone has to look out for the people with no one on their side. Yes, I follow the philosophy of Phoenix Wright!

    MEIKO and Lily need more love =(

  13. Melancholic (The PV! The PV! Not only is the song amazing but the PV is probably the most stylish thing on Nico Nico Douga)
    Mozaik Role (What can I say? Rolling Girl is awesome, but Mozaik Role is probably the best GUMI song ever)
    World's End Dancehall (My favourite wowaka song, though I do prefer the Kagamine version)
    Antichlorobenzene (My favourite song in 2010. The lyrics, the melody, ah~ <3)

    1. I was THIIIIIIIIIIIS close to picking Neko Neko as my dance entry, but changed it at the last second. Still, that song definitely deserves an honorable mention as the song that single-handedly restored my faith in the Night series, as well as just being an awesome song with an awesome Vocaloid. =D

  14. Best Pop Song: Monochrome
    Best Rock Song: Rolling Girl
    Best Dance Song: Endless Love
    Best Alternative Song 2010: Floriography

  15. TIME MACHINE? 40mP?

    jkjkjk…but surely 40mP works is underrated…which saddened me a little

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