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Its been another busy and successful year for one of the Vocaloid scene’s most prolific and popular producers. Deco*27’s 2010 repertoire included several Vocaran-topping hits like Yowamushi Montblanc, Mozaik Role, and Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku. But as many fans would tell you, that is but a fraction of his creative efforts for the year. As with all talented producers, this success has been accompanied by a branching out in genre and style. Already known for his multitudes of moving and emotional songs about love and life, almost always featuring Miku Hatsune, Deco*27’s adoption of GUMI and production of somewhat “harder” rock music like Mozaik Role and Aimai Elegy allowed fans new and old to see him in a different light and gain further appreciation for his diverse skills as an artist.

His 2010 Discography already includes 2 major solo albums (Souai Seiriron, Parovel World, with Lovegazer coming in late 2009) as well as a host of remixes and covers. Now to conclude this blockbuster year fans have been presented with yet another excellent compilation, Aimai Elegy (愛迷エレジー). Besides having a title that once again showcases Deco*27’s fondness for wordplay (愛迷 (Ai mai) is usually translated as “Love-Lost”, “Amai” however, means sweet in Japanese), the album is perhaps his most diverse yet, featuring a multitude of songs by Vocaloids Miku Hatsune and GUMI, vocalists Mirto, Topi, and Marina, and even a original song sung by Deco*27 himself. Follow me after a jump so that we can take a closer look at what Aimai Elegy has in store…

Start by taking a look at the album’s promotional crossfades featuring a variety illustrations drawn in the very distinctive style employed by the cover and album art creator. (tracklist is below)

Aimai Elegy (愛迷エレジー) Tracklist:

1. Entree (Instrumental Track)
2. Mozaik Role (モザイクロール) -cover- feat. Marina
3.Chocolate Beats (ショコラビーツ) feat. Miku
4.Tori no Ai Uta (トリノアイウタ) feat. GUMI (40mP Piano Arrange)
5.Aimai Elegy (愛迷エレジー) feat. marina
6.Ame Moyou (飴模様) feat. GUMI
7.Miraiyo (未来世) feat. Topi
8.Berry Blue (未ベリーブルー) feat. Deco*27
9.Yowamushi Montblanc (弱虫モンブラン) feat. marina
10.Outree (Instrumental Track)
11.Ai Kotoba (愛言葉) Sasakure.UK Sweets Mix feat. mirto
12.Yowamushi Montblanc (弱虫モンブラン) ELECTROCUTICA White Remix feat. GUMI
13.Mozaik Role (モザイクロール) Kous Remix feat. Miku
14.Mukashi Mukashi no Kyoo no Boku (むかしむかしのきょうのぼく) feat. Deco*27

**Note: I really must mention just how much I enjoy the art that has been employed for this album. For those familiar it must be done by the same artist how drew the cover for Souai Seiriron, however I have not yet been able to find their name (please help in the comments if you can). Edit: Well, it appears that the excellent art for this album and Souai were both done by artist Ryono (りょーの). You can their other works here: http://ryonon.web.fc2.com/. (Many thanks to あいまん さつな and NuclearCoreMeltdown for the heads up, really solved a mystery for me!)

Nothing truly highlights the aforementioned expansion of Deco*27’s repertoire this year more than this album as a whole. Within, Vocaloid fans will find all three of his biggest hits from 2010, each one being quite different stylistically. The intended headliner track for the album, obviously bearing the same name, continues further with this trend. With yet another excellent PV animated by the Amatou Trio group, Aimai Elegy features vocalist marina who many might remember as lead singer Iwasawa of GirlDeMo from this year’s funny but touching anime, Angel Beats (season 2 coming soon!). You can watch the PV for Aimai Elegy which was released in the lead-up to the album below:

Marina also lends her strong and mature voice to a pair of professionally done covers for Mozaik Role and Yowamushi Montblanc. While GUMI’s renditions will likely remain the more memorable, most fans will likely enjoy a different take on these modern Vocaloid classics and marina’s choice of inflections and phrasing for her covers. Deco*27’s partnership with marina to perform his first original non-Vocaloid song of significant popularity is an interesting development and it will definitely be worth watching if there are further works involving the pair of them in the future (Remember for example that kzlivetune did a whole album of work with vocalist Koko). The other two featured vocalists however are no strangers to working with Deco*27. Topi has featured prominently in two of Deco*27’s albums so far, Lovegazer and Souai Seiriron, her previous official and pretty cover of “愛(ai) think so,” can be seen here (Youtube). She returned in this album to perform Miraiyo, another original non-Vocaloid work by Deco*27 (Incorrect! Miraiyo is actually a Miku song from Deco*27’s debut Doujin album, No You, No Me. Guess it is obscure enough that no one corrected me on this. I have my Itunes playlist to thank!). Earlier this year, mirto also featured in a duet remix (Youtube) of 40mP well-known “Step to You” along with Deco*27’s own fabulously auto-tuned voice (which I could listen to forever). Now she returns to do a new rendition of another classic (and my #1 song, Deco*27 fanboy much?) seen in concert by many earlier this year: Ai Kotoba (Love Words), as remixed by sasakure.UK.

In rounding out the album it should be noted that some of its real treasures can be found away from the well-known and popular popular headliner tracks, their assorted covers, and the various featured vocalists. In the three other album original songs (having not been released on NND beforehand) Deco*27 returned to his more classic songwriting style and delivers with several emotional and immersible tracks. Chocolate Beats, Ame Moyou, and Berry Blue are all keeping with the “sweets” theme of the album and all suit their respective singer (Miku, Gumi, and Deco*27) excellently. Ame Moyou is in my opinion the big discovery on this track. Suit Gumi perfect and is a very touching song. As for Chocolate Beats, well I could listen to Miku say “Zutto, Zutto, Daisuki” pretty much forever. Entree and Outree are simply the to be expected instrumental tracks, but do an excellent job of making the album whole if you chose to listen to it in entirety.

Aimai Elegy as a complete album not only serves to highlight the impressive musical talents of Deco*27 but is also a celebration of diverse music culture and artistry that Vocaloid has inspired. It merges a wide-ranging collection of Vocaloid and human-voiced songs almost seamlessly, all with a style that is distinctly what we have come to expect from a musician who has so passionately and poetically injected their views on love, life, and relationships into all of their works. Fans will have an opportunity to relive many of the year’s highlights while also having a chance to discover something new and enticing. This reviewer strongly recommends it.

Aimai Elegy is currently available in the on-line iTunes store for the affordable price of 9.95USD. It can also be purchased on CDJapan and YesAsia along with an accompanying DVD (ft. the PVs for Mozaic Role, Aimai Elegy, Yowamushi Montblanc, and Tori no Ai Uta) and 32-page artbook for 35 and 37USD respectively. (Note: Thanks to Pengy’s advice, I can confirm that Western fans should have any DVD region issues if this is purchased from CDJapan. I cannot verify it will work if purchased from YesAsia)

Hope everyone enjoyed the review, especially Deco*27 fans of course. Would you like to see more album reviews here on Vocaloidism? What are you opinions on the album itself? Please share you thoughts and comments below!

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38 thoughts on “Vocaloid Album Review: Deco*27’s Aimai Elegy +”

  1. I REALLY want this album.
    Sadly, I can't buy it for myself and I have to confirm it with my mother even if I could. And my mum is a bit paranoid about sites from other countries…
    BUT, I'll wish for the CD as a birthday present and maybe, just maybe might I get it. However, My birthdays is in a month and I don't know if there will be any CDs left by then…
    (I also want DECO*27's gumi album, パラヴレルワールド. I found it on Amazon. (http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/switch-language/product/B003TEXL8W/ref=dp_change_lang?ie=UTF8&language=en_JP) …But I'm not sure if there is another site I can buy it on. I suck at importing… .w. )

    1. CDJapan is a pretty trust worthy site for things like this. Me and several others I know have used it without any real problems. I can vouch that they a trustworthy and provide decent service. I'm sure there will be CD's left, I mean you can still buy Souai Seiriron many places. Unfortunately I am so disappointed that No You, No Me and -so i- were never reprinted. I want his first two albums so bad.

      And yeah like あいまん さつな if you just want to support Deco*27 you can go the more guaranteed and instant itunes route, but yes you sadly won't get the CD/DVD + Artbook.

    2. cdjapan.co.jp is probably your best bet… they're 100% reliable in all the vocaloid/niconico singer albums I've purchased.

  2. I think this will be one of my first Vocaloid album purchases (if I can only figure out the customs/tax policies of my country). I've been a fan of Gumi even before this. I still think she's the best-sounding Vocaloid and when done right she can even sound too real. I really thank Deco*27 for finally giving Gumi the big break, Yowamushi Montblanc being my most-played Vocaloid song ever on my ipod.

    Also I discovered recently, Tori no Ai Uta is actually the same song as Linoleum, one of the songs in Parovel World. Deco*27 took the melody of Linoleum, 40mP performed on piano, then Japanese actress Shibasaki Kou wrote the lyrics for Tori no Ai Uta.

  3. It's a shame my dad is too lazy to put money on my iTunes account (I mean MY money, of course, but it's in HIS account, so I need HIM to do it). :V

  4. If I had to go through the hassle of buying a physical copy of a vocaloid cd, I'd buy this (Crossfade demo fresh from today)
    [youtube UsuyYisiwLs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsuyYisiwLs youtube]
    I think this is the first vocaloid album that feels close to one composed by an affirmed group of musicians (or a signer songwriter).
    Vocaloid CD usually sound more like messy compilations of songs, even if the songs are composed by the same person. Including Deco's CD – and I'm not saying they are bad songs, just that taken as a whole they don't feel "cohesive".

    1. With "affirmed" I actually wanted to say established. English isn't my mother tongue, sorry.

      Also, I mean this the first vocaloid album akin to my taste that feels close to one composed by an affirmed group of musicians.

      1. Interesting art Concept with that album. Is it on Itunes? I might buy it if it is.

        TodayIsOK, I agree with you about most Vocaloid albums, but the fact is that many of them are just what you said, they are simply compilations. Often labels are really only trying to put together popular songs from well known producers and get them out to people. Most of those albums (like most of the Exit Tunes or Vocaloid 2 series albums) thus don't feel cohesive because the weren't intended to be.

        I can't agree with you about this album with regards to Deco*27, or any of his solo albums really. For the most part his style, and song writing is very identifiable, to the point that I think by now I'd almost be able to tell a song was written by him even if I didn't know it when I started listening.

        I don't have many other complete solo albums but one I do have that seems to be "cohesive" as you say is Re:NG's "Next One" album. Besides have super cute Miku cover art make for great listening and the songs fit together pretty well.

  5. Excellent review for an excellent album. To add, the original yowamushi montblanc and mozaik role are found in the digital albums in the US itunes and amazon (hence the aimai elegy “+” title for the digital copy) as well. These are not included in the physical album. The included dvds for both albums are region free (aimai elegy I purchased through cdjapan, souaisei riron from yesasia).

  6. This album looks neat! I might pick it up, thanks for the review.
    But, there hasn't really been any official confirmation about Angel Beats season 2, aside from a magazine interview that vaguely alluded to it well over six months ago. :c

  7. Woot! DECO*27! 🙂 I'll look up those songs when I have time.
    In the meantime, Shinkai Summit will be on replay~ check it out!

    1. Shinkai Summit is one of the best no? I could listen to it all day.

      I really like the version that he put on the two albums (but also easily findable on NND and Youtube) that opens with Guitar, sounds just that much better.

  8. Both this and Souaisei Riron are great albums. I imported them both and listen to them constantly :>
    I really like how he used a mix of vocaloids and human vocalists and there's so many great songs on the album…I think if I HAD to choose favorites it'd be Berry Blue and Chocolat Beats! but all of them are great.

  9. I'll probably buy it once it's available somewhere else than on this f*** sh*** of iTunes :@ There are many songs worth a purchase even if my favorite from Deco*27 is still Ai Kotoba. Speaking of that, for those really liking Deco*27…

    1) His previous album can also be purchased on HearJapan: http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Sou_Ai_
    2) Enjoy Deco*27 on stage (he's the lefty guitar player on the left of the scene):

    [youtube i4FbzepgfAs#t=0m40s youtube]

    Also Descent, very well written review, but むかしむかしのきょうのぼく is featuring Miku, not Deco*27 xD

    1. Not many know, but the album is actually available at Amazon. Just type in Aimai Elegy and you are set!

      I couldn't wait for my physical copy to arrive so I went ahead and purchased the mp3 album through Amazon the day it came out. As a person that doesn't like iTunes that much, I am actually surprised that Amazon does carry quite a bunch of Vocaloid albums. Sasakure.UK's first major album, some of mothy's and a lot of AVTechno's discography. They also have not-that-well-known producers such as river, EasyPop, and DATEKEN.

      I love to support Vocaloid artists when they make their music easy and affordable to purchase.<3

      1. Yup, I hope they continue to realize that as long as they make it available, there are many many people who would like to support them.

    1. Ah Samuel, you posted my secret and guilty pleasure. I watch that video probably about 2 times a day on average. I know some people might make fun of Ai Kotoba for being "to sweet", "to perfectly happy", or whatever. But nothing makes me happier. This was the song that got me started with Vocaloid, I'll never forget it!

      1. You're not alone there LOL
        Watching this video everyday before my class, after my class, while doing my assignments, and even watching the whole concert everyday just to see this song being played (Can't bring myself to skip any song lolol)
        It just leave me in a happy and upbeat state, and who can resists Miku's charm when she sing this masterpiece? (There, I say it!)
        As I can recall correctly, cutest tsundere song I ever heard.

        Haters gonna hate, but I still feel that I love DECO*27 older works rather than his Gumi ones. Mainly because of the innocent nature perhaps? Naah, its just that its sweet. Period
        Yeah, I'm a sucker for innocent love song.

        1. I'm so with you there zero. Yeah I agree about Deco*27 older stuff. It really is a shame that his first to Doujin albums haven't been completely subbed and translated but even with my only minimally functional Japanese I enjoy the more than enough and find them to be awesome. "Hidden Attachment -Kakurebo(Hide and Seek)" is straight up awesome and Miku it so adorable and fun when singing it. I am working on translating that for subs, more than half done there are just some parts that I can't figure out the correct meaning yet. But I'll get there. Its also a shame that they can't be purchased, I hope he rereleases them sometime.

          There can never be enough innocent love songs to make you happy. Too bad there actually ISN'T enough of them eh? I watch the concert quite a bit too. What am I gonna do when I have two concerts to listen to in a few months?

  10. Thanks for the review! (And, personally, I think more album reviews would be a great idea!)

    When I first found out about the CD, I definitely made sure to pre-order it on iTunes~ I've only become a DECO*27 fan recently (jumped on when Yowamushi Montblanc was first released), and actually buying a CD…I'm quite happy with it! All of the vocals for each song, both human and Vocaloid, sound extremely good! I don't think I'll be taking this album off my iPod any time soon!

    (Also, just a note, but even if it is on the album art up top, it's probably a good idea to mention that it's "Aimai Elegy +" if looking on iTunes!)

  11. I guess I'm the only one not creaming herself over this album. Never liked how Gumi sounded with DECO*27 at the helm, so the cover of Yowamushi Montblanc is quite welcome. Aimai Elegy is also pretty good. But I'm not in love with marina's voice or DECO's voice or the remixes, really, and the two songs I mentioned were the only new (well, if you count a cover as new) offerings I really liked.

    Dat art, though.

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