2010 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 2 (Update)

Welcome back as the Vocaloidism Awards marches on.  Did you know that our site had over 950,000 views in 2010?  That’s more than triple what we got last year!  I want to thank everyone who visited us over the past 12 months.  I hope you continue your patronage and bring a friend. :3

Anyway, we have 4 more awards to introduce and for you to vote on.  Last week’s awards were all about the music (which you can still vote on), but this week, we focus on some of the impactful images of the year and bring back a couple of awards from our inaugural event.

Best New Producer

Last year, Hachi narrowly edged out tokuP for the honor of top newcomer.  2010 brought another talented crop of freshman Producers and you get to choose who was the best.  The nominees are:

Album of the Year

While the newcomers got their feet wet, some of our veterans tried to top another kind of chart: Oricon.  CD’s still sell, especially when the music’s good.  Here are your nominees:

NOTE: Due to an oversight in the original version, the list of nominees has been edited and the poll reset.

PV of the Year

Last year, Campanella  got the nod over Nebula and LOL.  This year, we could have easily had twice as many nominees as what we ended up with.  Here they are in all their embedded glory.

Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku by Deco*27, Shijigen-P, and many others…

Rin Rin HIGH☆MIND by NanameueP and daigoman

ARiA by TokuP and sleepwalker

Melancholic by Junky and Chiho


Kocchi Muite Baby! by ryo and Project Diva 2nd Production Team

Mozaik Role by Deco*27 and Amatou Trio

Chaining Intentions MMD PV by Treow, NaturaLe and masatakaP

Headline of the Year

We can’t really be a news blog without looking over some of the stories from the year that was Vocaloid in 2010.  There was good, bad, happy, and sad, but which was the biggest?

You have two weeks to vote for these four awards, and one more week for last week’s awards.

Next week, we announce the genre awards and bring out the big guns.  Hope to see you there.

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29 thoughts on “2010 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 2 (Update)”

  1. Ah, the album of the year was the hardest for me… And the Producer choice, too, because I've never heard of any of those. XD

    Though easily, I chose Chaining Intention for PV of the Year… Masataka set the foundation for the improved presentation of MMD PVs, and from there on out heavy editing of videos became more common…. Again, me with my deep insight. XD As hard as it was for me to stray away from Corruption Garden, which is absolutely beautiful, and Mosaic Roll, which definitely had a presence this year, I had to go with Chaining Intention, as it truly did change the game.

    Hope you all choose meaningful answers, because it may not seem serious, but any kind of distinction for producers may be meaningful. :3

  2. Whoa, that was a hard one. The hardest one to choose is PV of the year and album of the year. 🙁
    Why you have to put 2 DECO*27's albums in 1 category !? Both of them are SOOOO awesome! D:
    And the PVs! Can't choose which one! Mozaic Role, Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku, ARiA, or Chaining Intention !? DX

  3. hnnngh
    where's Rolling Girl for the PV —
    ;; A ;;

    Seriously, all these are hard choices for me LOL. orz'''
    But I'm definitely leaning towards keeno for the producer. = v =

    1. Maybe it's just me, but I think some of the other headlines (like a Vocaloid album topping the Oricon chart) would better indicate that Vocaloid is becoming popular.

    2. That's actually a sign they are known, but not THAT popular, you don't plagiarize something everybody knows. So yes, I think that topping the Oricon is more significant in this area (though I'm still hesitating with Miku English)

  4. I've been a fan for an entire year and I've only heard of half of these. I only know most of the PVs and about 3 of the albums. I know all the headlines though so I guess that's somthing.

  5. Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku is the best PV of 2010
    And I will choose Aku no Oukoku is the best album
    It's so hard when I have to decide the best album, Aimai Elegy by Deco@27 is good too

  6. I'm rooting for Melancholic to win the best PV :3 It's really something else, simplistic yet very creative! (And I love the giraffes <3 :'D)

  7. AAAHHH!!!!! more hard choices!!!
    The producers, well i didn't know them that well so… yeah
    The best album was hard, DECO*27's album are amazingly awesome 😛
    The best PV (for me) was for Melancholic, Mozaik Role, or CORRUPTION GARDEN all were really well done, still can't decide…
    Headline was something else, i guess this is more on what people think is more important, but knowing Miku world wide ( English Miku) would be better 🙂

  8. Ah, and I was thinking that choosing the best song was a difficult choice … Really so many talents it's not easy. I'm going for SHO only because of Marukunaru that I really like, but all these new P deserve praise and incentive.

    Easiest choice for the PV. Although Kocchi Muite Baby is of course the best, IMO it should not be in the list: It's professional work done by SEGA's graphic department, not really the Doujinshi production that need our support. This is why I will vote for Chaining Intention, it established MMD as a plain art form and also was probably the source of the supremacy of the Lat式 this year among MMD PVs. I am amazed by the work of many MMD producers. If you don't know already, watch this.

    [youtube ODdaMzecLZA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODdaMzecLZA youtube]

  9. New producer – I'm ashamed to admit I don't know any so I didn't vote.
    Album – DEFINITELY Aku no Oukoku. An album of very well-composed, awesome songs.
    PV – …hrrrrrgh. I know I nominated CORRUPTION GARDEN, but I'm actually going for ARiA.
    Headline – …I'll decide this later.

  10. NP: Keeno, just because I <3 him so much
    Album: Hmmm Magnet
    PV: ARiA because I put it in
    Headline: Appends, without miku append, there wouldnt be a keeno D:

  11. I've actually never heard of any of the new P's. -shot- No, really. Err, one of them actually I've heard the song and didn't like it at all. So. Yea. 😐

  12. Kocchi Muite Baby is hardly fair, given it was made by a professional video game graphics team and all.

    I dunno about the others, but I'm shooting for Mukashi Mukashi. It's not super-awesome-looking in the graphics department like ARiA or Corruption Garden, but it's really well-animated and it's got tons of funny, cute stuff going on throughout. You can just tell the artist was having truckloads of fun with it.

  13. I know I must have heard songs by those new P's at some point, but I can't remember them at all. :/ I guess I could go get my headphones and listen to all of their songs, but that would involve movement….

    SHO did Marukunaru, right? Right. Okay, problem solved. * goes to vote *

  14. I dunno what to choose. It was meant to be hard, right? All of them are great but I must choose one and only one. Why can't it be a checkbox or something? LOL

  15. Having heard all the albums, I'm going to vote TWICE for Souasei Rinron: Once with the vote button here and once with my pocket money to actually BUY Deco's album ^_^

    Anyway, for those still hesitating which album to vote for, here's a list of links providing the content and the cover (sorry for the bit.ly links, but that was the most convenient way to do it since BBCodes ain't working with this crappy intensedebate system :P)

    Vocalogenesis http://bit.ly/hBmrD3
    Aimai Elegy+ http://bit.ly/hrbHH5 😉

    Aku no Oukoku http://bit.ly/gmFmKE
    Kocchi Muite Baby/Yellow Well all is in the title

    Souaisei Riron http://bit.ly/hZRXdU
    magnet -favorites plus- http://bit.ly/eZWeNB
    Hatsune Miku No Shoushitsu http://bit.ly/gi1EzR
    Ha Shuumatsu Dori No Yume Wo Miruka http://bit.ly/iiFbxd

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