Weekly UTAU Ranking #113 – Witty Title Goes Here!

Image source: ハネダ
Image source: ハネダ

*Witty intro goes here.*

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*Peppy, overly-energetic comment about viewing the UTAU Ranking goes here.*

deztora’s translation coming up soon. Thank you for waiting!

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☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #61)


deztora’s translation coming up soon. Thank you for waiting!


Bunnychan: For this week I was to feature the Kamome Sano feat. Kasane Teto song 沙野カモメ – 願い事. It has a very simple and electronic beat that I can’t help but love to death.

Haha, I love how dez totally called this week’s number one last week. GJGJ!! Otherwise, not a ton of new stuff this week, but there were some nice gems this week.

*Emo comment about no one viewing the UTAU Ranking posts goes here.*

Join us next week for *clever quip goes here.*

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10 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #113 – Witty Title Goes Here!”

  1. I've actually read these articles ever since they started being written. I just don't usually comment.

    I felt sort of cheated that most of the non-ranking parts of this article were just a joke on the repetitive structure of the posts, instead of something interesting like last week. I'm not trying to insult, but please don't do that in the future, okay?

  2. Comment expressing sadness at the lack of Luka this week goes here. Additional comment about how this will be rectified next week goes here.

    1. …You did /not/ just say that…
      …I hate it when people say that without further qualification. It's not necessarily true at all…so please say /how/.

      I seriously think "UTAU is inferior to Vocaloid" is a myth. Like Halo's said before, nowadays I actually prefer UTAU to Vocaloid, especially when mostly unedited.

      1. It's just that you convinced me to pay more attention to UTAU with your (very nice) article about VCV. Unfortunatelly, there's no VCV this week in the ranking or the P's doing them deliberately kept a very artificial tone to their song. But I understand that you may have mistaken my statement as a generic judgment about UTAU while in fact it was only about this week's ranking.

        I understand that one may like the metallic voice of many UTAUloids, but Take #1, you can still hear Teto almost stuttering at several point. I doubt it's a problem with からつP's skill …

        1. Actually, からっP uses CV Teto. His/her songs are so catchy, and the lyrics so nice, that I forgive him/her, though.

          Skill? No way to tell. The decision to use CV probably has everything to do with it, though. For example, if you want to hear VCV Teto, look up "a day in the loop." by 毎夜P.

          1. On a related note: I noticed that you write からっP with a sokuon and not a regular つ. Having read his name on the PV, I though it was just a problem of handwriting accidentally reducing the つ. But if it's his correct name then that's the first time I see a sokuon geminating a romaji character. Especially nowing that this character is an abbreviation.

          2. Well, it's easy to tell it's the small 'tsu' and not a regular one because his/her P name comes from the first song s/he did, which was からっぽのうた. So, からっP. Geddit 8D

            And yes, "Graduation From Lie" is definitely worth buying. Sky Swimmer <3 <3 <3 Melody <3 <3 <3 Intermedio <3 <3 <3 updated Tetrapod <3 <3 <3 and Murphy's Law <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 SO GREAT

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