2010 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 3

Miku gets ready to hand out an award (artist: Bunnychan)

It’s that time again, boys and girls.  You know, as I look around on our Twitter account, I couldn’t help but notice some of our Internet friends helping to support the cause.  Obviously, some of the bots like nicosearch and VocaloidBlogBot picked us up, but once again Hatsune MikuMiku is tweeting and blogging this for the Japanese-speaking audience.  皆さん有り難うございます。 m(_ _)m

Of course, everyone else has earned our thanks and gratitude, as well.  Over three thousand votes have been cast for our awards so far, and that’s super awesome.  Also, major kudos for our blog team for choosing excellent nominees.  Nothing pleases me more than seeing all those “This was a tough choice” comments below the first two articles.  I hope we make it extra hard this week. ^w^

Speaking of this week, Week 3 is upon us and that puts us at a bit of a crossroads.  Our first batch of polls have closed.  Our second batch of polls are still up and running, but the best batch comes this week.  Voting opens today for The Big 3 Awards: Best New Vocaloid, Producer of the Year, and Song of the Year.  Those are ahead, but first, we announce our Genre winners.

All of our first four awards hit over 500 votes a piece.  It’s an amazing total, and thank you so much for voting, but to be honest, I hope you all dwarf that with our final votes :3

Also, one humble request: if you or someone you know wins one of our awards, let us know either through here, the forum, the twitter, or even e-mail (mine is vismjoe[at]gmail).  We’ll be happy to get you a physical award, and if you planned an acceptance speech, that’d be even better.

And now, your winners.

DECO*27’s first win was never really in doubt, but all 5 had decent scores, especially when you consider the other results.

This was our closest race of the four, but 12 points is nowhere near close.

This was a foregone conclusion, making it 2 awards so far for wowaka.

This makes a 2nd award for Hachi to go with the Best New Producer award from last year.

Those are our first batch of winners, and remember that you can still vote for our 2nd batch of winners until January 22. I promise the races are closer.

I screen-capped this on Sunday. It was the one vote whose margin between 1st and 2nd was greatest.  Needless to say, your vote counts.

And now, here are the big ones.

Best New Vocaloid

They are the reason we all are here, and what’s not a polling show without a blatant popularity contest?  These are all the Vocaloids that hit your local internet store shelves in 2010.

Miku Append is absent because it is not a new Vocaloid character (same will happen with future appends).

Producer of the Year

They write the songs that make the whole world sing.  Who lived largest in 2010?  Well, we probably all know who it’s going to be, but hell, let’s have the poll anyway.  Maybe it’ll be like American Idol and everyone votes against him out of some manufactured spite.

Song of the Year

With all due respect to a certain football game, this is the granddaddy of them all.  The biggest reader-elected award of 2010 is going to one of these eight songs.  Your finalists are:

And there are your awards.  Polls close on January 29 BUT WE’RE NOT DONE! Next week, we announce our 2nd round of elected awards, we do that whole “technical awards” thing, and we hand out another well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.  Again, thanks for voting, and we hope to see you next time.

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33 thoughts on “2010 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 3”

  1. Humm I was about to vote for Iroha although I don't like her character design which really don't match her voice. But now VY1 has CUL to promote it, and Iroha's song have been disappointing despite the potential of her voice => Go VY1 !

    [youtube 8BywgZHUqZw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BywgZHUqZw youtube]

    Gatchapoid: Seriously is this voice bank useful for something else than a low quality Happy-Meal toy ? I let the Kagamine tell you what I think of this vocaloid >:D

  2. /rageragerage

    I honestly cannot decide which song to vote for. In the end I chose Antichlorobenzene, but all the songs were so catchy and cool, I thnik they should all win XD

  3. I voted Iroha because from the standpoint of someone working with her, she has a very stable, easy-to-work with voice.
    She sounded good even with flat imported vsqs in her /demo/ version. That ought to say something.

    As for the producer, I'll decide later…

    As much as I love all of the songs, I went for Mosaic Roll – simply because that's the one that sticks most with me.

  4. I choose Iroha, her voice is better than Lily and Piko
    As for the producer, Deco*27 is my number one choice, he work so hard this year
    But, I can't decide the best song, I can't decide what to choose between Yoshimune Montblanc, Mozaik Role and
    Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku, so I'll decide it later

  5. PLEASE PLEASE DECO*27 *crosses fingers* DECO*27 managed to have Gumi top Vocaran for 2 weeks in a row, not to mention Mukashi, I mean, have you seen a better song to embody Miku's history so well? <3

  6. Yaay, for DECO*27! While I absolutely do love hachi's, papiyon's and wowaka's work too, I think that DECO*27 is the best at making the Vocaloids sound natural. Add amazing melodies to that and he is unbeatable 😀
    I chose VY1 for the best new Vocaloid, even though I have to say that so far I've been a bit disappointed in all of the new Vocaloids :/

  7. OMG so i just remebered that part 3 should be up now and well…this has to be the hardest choices i ever made in my life!!!
    so yeah, WOOT for Yowamushi, Rolling Girl, WED, and Matryoshka.
    Vote for Vocaloid is for VY-1 or Lily, maybe Iroha, yeah VY-1
    Producer, um… DECO*27, no wowaka, no cosMo, OMG!! DECO*27 it is… 😛
    BESt song… um… i really can't pick but i have a feeling it up to Mukashi, World's End, and Matryoshka, I'll vote later….

  8. AAAAAIII~ Why no AVTechNO! for Best Producer of the Year? ;.; Disappointed that DYE and Antichlorobenzene lost in their polls, too…

    I'm going with Iroha for best new Vocaloid. She sounds different, and her design is nice, bright, and unique (and *cough* NOT traced over from an existing Vocaloid's). Best of all, though, is that her voice is apparently easy to work with.

  9. None of the Vocaloids have really wowed me this time. I had super-high hopes for Iroha and Mizki, but Iroha's not been used to her potential and Mizki, despite her high-quality voice and lack of an avatar or even a voice type to restrict her, hasn't been experimented with much either. Nonetheless, I'll roll with my beloved Mizki, the others being even more disappointing by comparison. (Especially Gachapoid. How are these the same people who brought us Gumi?!)

    DECO*27 has this in the bag; he's popularized Gumi, experimented in style to great success, and brought a few amazing spot-keepers in the weekly rankings. You go, man, and so does Mozaik Role.

    Also, why are people voting for Vocaloids and citing design? Just. Why.

    1. Because associating a character to a voicebank has been and is still a key success factor. Why do you think you prefer to use Mizky (she) than VY1 (it) to speak about this voicebank ? Do you really think that vocaloid would have reached this level of use without Crypton's choice to associate their first vocaloid2 voicebank to a specific character ?

      1. I agree associating characters to voicebanks is what let Vocaloid catch on in the first place and such; that's not my beef. I just cringe at people who say "I love Iroha, she has such a cool design! I'm voting for her!" or "Iroha's design is weird, I don't want to vote for her!" and such, because that's hardly the point of Vocaloid at all. It's like voting for American Idol contestants because they look pretty.

        Incidentally, Mizki is cooler-sounding than VY1 and "it" is an awkward pronoun to use. Mizki's VOICE was clearly meant to be feminine by default, even if you can tune it another way, so I don't see how my calling her a she somehow enforces this idea that every Vocaloid needs a design to succeed. Mizki's certainly seeing more success than other Vocaloids with designs, after all.

        1. It depend what you mean by succeeding:

          1) If it's reaching a good use among professional musician, maybe you don't need a character, but I wouldn't dismiss it's value easily. If you pay attention to the SP5 questionnaire with the Producers, they really have a relation with Miku which is far more strong than what one could have with a simple music instrument.

          2) If it's a matter of Vocaran or number of views on YT, the facts contradict you: CUL has only two PV but already more views than any VY1/Mizki original songs.

          Now Hiroha's voice is obviously good for all the sample and original songs I heard, but none reached the voice mastering quality we have with even notoriously difficult voicebanks like Yuki. And I presume that this may be due to a lack of attention from more dedicated P's that don't want to spend 15k on a Sanrio toy. On the same issue, VY1 is also a good voicebank but lacked notoriety not because of a badly designed character but the lack thereof. And I bet this voicebank will be more used now that it has a character (I'm sure Bplats understand that and was behind the work done on CUL's MMD model and really wanted it to be a publicly released work).

          To sum up, I agree that it's idiotic to vote for a Vocaloid solely on it's character design, but it's equally idiotic to ignore that the character is a part of the vocaloid.


    As great as DECO*27 is, his songs feel generic in Vocaloid to me. But they're great. wowaka really introduced electric rock to Vocaloid, and seriously, all of his singles have caused a stir in the Vocaloid fandom. Definitely wowaka.

    And obvious WED, and VY1.

    1. wowaka feels more same-y in his work (to me, anyway.) World's End Dancehall has parts that sound an awful lot like Ura Omote Lovers. Not to be misunderstood, I like some wowaka songs. I understand that his work is different from a lot of other people, but I wish that he would be more varied and bring new things into his work.

      1. His huge singles are all similar, but his album work is notably different.
        I listened to DECO*27, I feel like his songs are more in-general same-y, since you can't do way too much with that type of rock.

  11. Iroha!!! Wowaka!!! Matryoshka
    iroha is awesome and got a nice soft voice
    i almost voted piko (idk favoritism due to the nico singer? Or VY1 (due to quality, but i can’t seem to get used to the “genderless avatarless” voice)
    but iroha stole my heart due to her voice
    abd then wowaka cause of awesome works.
    And then matryoska due to awesomeness and addictivity

  12. It makes sense that the options for Song of the Year are what they are, but it seems to me that some songs that weren't already in another category might have been added as well. I get why, but still. It would have been nice to see something besides World's End Dancehall, Rolling Girl, Mozaic Roll, etc etc etc.

    It's a little disappointing, I'm sorry to say. Maybe there should have been a "Best Not-Well-Known Song" category.

  13. DECO*27 or wowaka? Hard choice. Voted for DECO cause of Mukashi Mukashi, that song is just amazing.
    As for the New Vocaloid, I like Iroha, she broke the "sweetie voices" that were all over the place.

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