Weekly UTAU Ranking #114 – Where There’s a Floating Head, There’s a Way

Image source: eruri
Image source: eruri

Or just a headless corpse hidden under a bush…. Oh, hey everyone! You’re stuck w/ me this week, which I hope is okay. *hides behind her bangs* Anyhow, I’m here to present this week’s UTAU Ranking, which should be a bright spot in anyone’s busy week (I know it is in mine).

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking!

As you know, the Voc@loid M@ster 15 event was held last weekend. This time, there was no Utamasu, but I think many people attended it anyway.

Everyone, did you buy what you wanted to? It seems the uploader of this video did for the most part. Apparently, Vom@s 16 will open on June, 12th 2011. How about those who couldn’t attend as well as those who could attend it this time go to the next one?

Well then, let’s see the ranking!

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☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #62)


The number one was a Yukkuri cover of “Hatsune Miku no Gekishou.” Congratulations! Songs from the “Honki de UTAU Yukkuri” series have often made it into the top songs, but it’s the first time one of them is number one! Congratulations, and we hope to see more of this in the future!

And now, to conclude this video, let’s see the other songs that made it into the top 100, as well as those that aren’t included in the ranking. See you next time!

Bunnychan: And now it’s time for me to plug another one of those “what in the world” songs that I love so much~ This week is DaifukuP feat. Momone Momo in “M.O.M.O.” It’s overly simple in just the right way. Oh, and it’s twelve minutes. Twelve minutes of awesome.

First off I want to mention the commercial you saw at the beginning of the video. It is for Defoko’s 2011 birthday celebration. Below are all the details in how to participate! Let’s hope for some wonderful entries, shall we?

Defoko’s 2011 Birthday Celebration
Participation Rules: Upload a video in honour of her birthday
Uploading Period: February 5th to March 6th, 2011
Tag to Use for the Videos: デフォ子誕生祭2011

Yukkuri lulz!! At first I had no idea what in the world that meme was about and still being fairly new to the “Touhou” fandom I’m still researching it, but the more I see it, the more I find it amusing. Besides Yukkuri, there were some other amusing works and also some great new songs. Overall, not a bad week at all.

Well guys, that’s all for this week, but hope to see you next time, same time, same place, same UTAU Channel!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #114 – Where There’s a Floating Head, There’s a Way”

  1. "I wonder what would happen if cosMo ever used Yukkuri"

    What about sm11943126? I know it wasn't on the rankings long, but still, it's cosMo…

  2. Happy birthday Defoko again! Hope you achieve world domin-

    …I mean fame. Yeah, fame.

    I never really understood Yukkuri…like I understand what it (she?) is, but never really appealed to me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    (and yes, dez, I /am/ working on that article, very industriously too)

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