Happy 2nd Birthday, Megurine Luka!

Magical Tuna? (by Bunnychan)
Magical Tuna? (by Bunnychan)

Here at Vocaloidism, when we are thrilled about something, we write articles. Luka’s birthday is one such occasion, so let’s celebrate! See you on the other side… of the break.

January 30th 2009… It’s been already two years since Megurine Luka, the third character from Crypton’s CV series, joined us. And boy, am I glad that she did! I think we all have a particular affection for the first Vocaloid song or character we heard about; I’ll always remember the day I stumbled across “Luka Luka Night Fever”

Thanks to her deep voice, provided by the seiyû Yû Asakawa, and mature looks designed by KEI (with the asymmetrical design nodding to her dual voicebank), she gained the hearts of Vocaloid fans on the very beginning with songs like “RIP=RELEASE” and “Double Lariat”. Also worthy of noting is that she is the first Vocaloid to have both a Japanese and an English voicebank, offering new possibilities to producers and broadening her potential user base. Also, she’s very sexy.

Due to the Item War that started as soon as her official design was made public, she used to be represented with a variety of objects; however, she’s most commonly associated with a tuna nicknamed Ōma-san (a pun on “product of Ōma”, in reference to the renowned tuna produced in this city). It’s also during this Item War that Tako Luka, the lovely pink octopus, appeared.

2010 was quite a busy year for Luka: among other things, she appeared in top charting albums (including EXIT TUNES’ “Vocalogenesis”), had three new figs, made a guest appearance at the 39’s Giving Day event in March, and had her own DLC for Project DIVA 2nd just before her birthday. You know, just like your regular virtual superstar.

But all this wouldn’t mean anything if producers hadn’t used her full potential; luckily for us, it seems she inspired them! Let’s see some of the most popular songs that have been released since her last birthday.

So these were solo song, but really, how could we omit this one?

Now let’s check out some of the songs created to celebrate her birthday. I sure hope we’ll see some of them in the VocaRan!

And to take a look back at Luka’s already busy career, do check the Luka Ranking Special!

KarenT has also released a special CD today featuring 14 Luka songs today, so be sure to check it out! You can watch a preview video here.

Next, some Luka illustrations.

By ユンカ
By 獅露露@つい充
By 38k@ついったー
By 煌雅 翠@つぶやきだしたよ
By みっかるま
By カナ
By こま
By 紅朧

What can I say? I’m glad Luka could find her place in the Vocaloid world during this past two years. But her popularity is not something we should take for granted, as it will always be closely linked to the producers’ creativity – while I’m at it, I’d like to thank all of them (let’s assume they all understand English and are reading this article, K?), because they’re at the core of all of this! So let’s just hope Luka’s voice and imagery will continue to inspire producers… keep the good songs comin’!

And that’s it! Thanks for reading, everyone! We hope you’ll continue to follow Vocaloidism, and will come here to celebrate Luka’s 3rd birthday too. And the 4th, and the 5th, and…

P.S.: Oh right, there’s another thing I’m hoping for: APPEND!! (subtle message to the big guys over at Crypton.)

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  1. Happy Birthday Luka! ^^
    She has to be my favorite Vocaloid, cause she's awesome XD
    AND YES. I WANT AN APPEND. Would add nicely to my Luka collection on the wall… *obsessed*

  2. Happy Birthday Luka, my favorite Vocaloid!!
    Love Luka music some much, looking forward to more Luka songs

  3. Happy birthday to Luka, and thanks to all the producers for making such awesome songs! Imagine how good she'll sound once the append comes out…

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