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Yeah short post is probably going to be short, but I’m not much of a blog writer. The MikuPa Live concert is all sold out, however for those of you that can’t go to Tokyo to watch it in person, can watch it live at home on your own PC! The concert will be aired live on NicoNico Douga, however you will have to pay 2000 NicoNico points to be able to watch it. The concert is on March 9, 2011 and starts at 19:00 (Japan Time). The live link is here. If you do not have any Nico points, you will be able to watch some parts of the concert for free. Note that in order to obtain NicoNico Points, you need a credit card issued in Japan to purchase them.
Edit: I have heard that if you sign up for “Verified by Visa” or the Mastercard equivalent of it, your credit card will work on NicoNico even if you do not live in Japan. I don’t know if this works, or how to elaborate on it, but it is supposed to work.
Information source: ミクパ♪ニコニコ生放送「初音ミク ライブパーティー 2011 -39’s LIVE IN TOKYO- WEB LIVE」

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  1. is this concert going to be like the last 39's giving day concert? holograms, and all that…
    and, are there going to be any new vocaloids singing in this concert?

    1. Well, short answer, yes. Long answer, the first concert did not have holograms. It used a projection on a glass(?) screen. But the concert will be staged in the same manner as last year, so yes.

      As for new Vocaloids, I'm hoping Kaito and Meiko make an appearance, but I'm certainly not holding my breath.

  2. If you do not have any Nico points, you will be able to watch some parts of the concert for free
    I bet the free part is similar with Daikagi's free part…

    Maybe this is the time for me to get Premium membership…

      1. Uh, yeah, that's what that person was talking about ("joint", "whole voca family", as in getting non-Cryptonloids in the concert?). Though the English was somewhat broken, it wasn't that hard to decipher… o.o

  3. Yeah maybe I'll be disappointed but I have really really highhopes for what we see this year. Last year they didn't know how huge a reception it was going to get, now the whole Vocaloid fan base is watching bated breath.

    Gah, WebMoney is gonna be annoying but it might be what I have to do. Just gotta make sure don't have any unskippable classes are something when it happens. Should be early in the morning EST right?

  4. I'm Japanese. __Even Japanese Vocaloid fan did not get this concert ticket.__So this concert is relaid in the movie theater in Japanese various places simultaneously. __This ticket of movie theaters can still be bought. Is Japan too far?____Because NicoNico-Douga is not a big company like google,they don't have enough number of servers.__So they cannot show web live to fan all over the world.____Now it was announced that the organizer of this concert would do an additional concert. ____Title: Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 -39′s Live IN SAPPORO-__Concert Date: May Third 2011 ? 18:00 OPEN/19:00 START/21:30 CLOSE (subject to changes)__Venue: ZeppSapporo Music Hall__Pre-sales Ticket Reservation Period:It has not been made public yet.

    1. Yeah the server issue is quite understandable, I just hope that they make sure they can at least provide good service to people who are willing to pay for it streaming, otherwise it might make alot of people upset.

      That is very exciting news about the second showing (on maybe another version) of the concert. I hope popularity remains high. I only ensures that concerts and related events will continue to be big!

  5. actually you don't need japan credit card to buy nico point, normal credit card will sufficient (I already bought several times using non-japan credit card and it works)

    1. but what I'm afraid actually is when it was posted on YT, someone (is it sega? I'm not sure though. blame me on that one –") that will block those uploaded videos, and we can't watch it. :'(

      1. It is said that it costs the expense for the system of this concert, and sufficient profit wasn't made in the first concert.
        DVD of this concert was an important income source for the organizer.
        So they block those uploaded videos.

      2. If their legal department has two braincell left, they shouldn't ask removal of YT videos. These YT vids have been a tremendous PR and sales tool, viewing the comments on YouTube, many people bought the DVD/BlueRay following their discovery of the concert on YT (and I'm among them).

  6. Also, note that the unlucky fans in Japan who could not obtain a ticket will be able to attend one of the 15 movie theaters that will transmit the event live nation wide !

    I was surprised they did not choose a bigger venue than the Zepp, but maybe next year if all the theaters are also sold out.

    1. Sorry.I made a mistake.
      Tomorrow Miku will sing in the bigger hall than Zepp.
      Now I don't get why they choose only Zepp.

      1. That's a very interesting information. You're presumably not speaking about the Zepp Sapporo since it's smaller than the Zepp Tokyo. You are aware of plans for an other concert ? when ? where ?

        1. Yesterday Miku sang in Anisama Shanghai Concert.
          In this concert,many Japanese singers sang animation songs. http://pc.animelo.jp/shanghai/

          Everyone was able to watch this concert in NicoNico Douga without ticket.
          She was not in a transparent screen like Mikupa but in the standard screen.

          >You are aware of plans for an other concert ?
          No,I'm not.
          Like this Shanghai concert and NiciNico Daikaigi,the appearance of Miku
          is decided suddenly.

          …..I'm bad at English.Sorry.

    1. Yeah, this was at that event that I posted a few days ago on the forum chatbox. Perhaps I should have made a topic of it, since no one seemed to look at it.

  7. Fire Flower! YESSS!!! <3 And Yellow too!

    There MUST be Rolling Girl, World's End Dancehall and World's End Umbrella!

    It's so sad how the non-Crypton Vocaloids can't be there or in the games either… >.< Nooooo…

  8. Hopefully i can find a recording of this concert somewhere on the web like with last years concert, and download it into mp4 ^^, but i will still get the blu-ray when it comes out tho. but mark my words next year i shall be attending this concert!!! im already saving up for the trip with a nice bit of $$$$ in my savings >=)

  9. Don't forget Len's Fire Flower! And this means he'll get a song to himself, and not share with Rin. Big step up from last time for him.

  10. Thank you (Pengy) for posting this. I would never have known about the stream (and its requirements) in any other way. Cheers!

  11. Pengy, the link you gave do not provide a Webmoney Wallet in Yen ! For these, you need to use webmoney.jp … and webmoney.jp DO NOT accept foreign credit cards !

    I have been fighting two days to gain my concert ticket and finally had to use the services of [url =http://www.celga.com]Celga[/url] to buy me the coupon with the codes to credit my Webmoney account.

    1. Really? crap… also something else, is that if you use "Verified by Visa" or the mastercard equivalent of it, you can use your visa card to buy nico points apparently. Thats just what was told to me, so I don't really get it.

      1. Apparently maybe, but my two Visa cards issued by two different banks were "verified by Visa" and NND refused them 🙁 Maybe they don't like Swiss and French CreditCards 😀

  12. well apparently credit card/debit card with VISA can buy the point just fine^v^, and also you can upgrade or create Premium account using PayPal now…that is said, SEE YOU GUYS ONLINE DURING MIKUPA! >v<

  13. i keep looking on the official site and it kills me that i cant go this year TT~TT and all that miku merchandise……. And all of that is legit. I wish so badly i could get a shirt, the ones at cons are cheap shirt printer kind, and i espically want the pants strap! i wonder if any of those will end up on ebay -3-………. all i know is that i cant watch it online (worst internet connection ever i have) and pluss i have school D: I am deffinatly going next year.

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