Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #177 – Revisions

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Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking “Unselected”

Putting up an announcement here, for those who didn’t notice Deztora has officially left Vocaloidism earlier as mentioned in this forum post. It’s regrettable but we wish Deztora all the best nevertheless and we would like to say a word of thanks for your hard work and contributions along the way.

And at the same time we would like to appeal for translators to help out on the Vocaloidism blog, if you think you are confident with your Japanese to English translation (and vice versa) skills then please feel free to post in the comments or you can PM the blog members on the forums and we will get back to you shortly. Thanks.

This week there was an “oops” on Monday and the Vocaran was re-uploaded the following day.

vocaran_naho 奈帆
申し訳ありませんでした、修正版です。 ぼからん#177 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13678185
(I’m sorry, here is the revised version. Vocaran#177)

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Good evening, it’s time for this week’s VocaRan!

February 17th is the day Kaito was released! (according to Crypton; he was released on the 14th according to Yamaha) Happy birthday!

Also, the votes for the MMD Cup are closed; now we have to wait for the results! It’s so exciting! But before that, let’s check the VocaRan. This week too there will be probably be interesting new songs. We’ll start from number 31!


-Editors: Pengy, DTKel, Holocauxt, descent87, bunnychan, Krystal, redemption2
-Translator: kurisuto
-Song Status: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

That was this week’s number 1!

She’s cute, moe, glamorous, just a wee bit provocative… and mischievous. With these looks, the Lat Miku conquered the world of MMD, and now she’s getting her fig! Available in pre-order, starting this week. If you’ve been following the MMD Cup, you’ve probably noticed that her model was used a lot. I’d like to become as glamorous as she is one day…

Well then, the rest of this ranking, from number 31.

Editor Picks of the week:

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

This week has been a good week, minus the mix up with the rankings. Also, I need someone to help me add comments and such to the vocaran, if you think you can give your own opinions of songs week by week, PM me (Pengy) on the forums with your timezone and your comments.  Funya~! Returning from the grave to answer Pengy’s call for comments is me, red2! Since Krystal and the others seem a bit awol with the Vocaran recently, I’ll fill in until they get back. Hope ya don’t mind, Pengy ^_^.

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and I hope I can get next weeks out quicker D:.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #177 – Revisions”

  1. #5, I thought I recognized the artstyle! Haven't seen Glider for a while~ And the song is quite good and catchy~ Win/win! <3
    Oh man, A kaito song, in the top 30 RANKINGS? BLASPHEMY! Haha, nah, but I'm quite suprised Gotto check it out.
    I saw some Katio song in the 31> rankings that I'm going to check out too.
    #4, I didn't like it last week… But it's getting to me… (Ps, you misplaced (Remote Control).)

  2. Rank 2 is good and rank 1 is great, but Fireworks and Remote Control are definitely my favorites this week.

    The PV to Fireworks is gorgeous.

    1. ohhh. Yeh this remix is really nice. Hmm, there may not have been too much attention as the song was released with Dateken’s “D.A. technology -remixes-” album that came out a while back. It’s on the US iTunes if you’re interested. That’s where I snagged it.

  3. Nashimoto-P, you're back! I've been looking forward to his next song; cool to see it shot up to #2. otetsu's new song is really cool and catchy, too. I'm also super-stoked to see Ten-Faced is sticking around for so long (though I do hope it doesn't overstay its welcome Mozaik Role and Matryoshka style).

    Rest of the stuff was kind of underwhelming for me, though. Ahh, well, I'm picky as usual.

  4. Ui-chan@#2 makes me happy. I don't know, I've always had a thing for angry grunge rock, and Nashimoto always brings it.
    cosMo's jump is also totally expected. It also looks like Ten Faced is going to become a new gatekeeper at this rate. MyGodP and ShigotoshiteP are also a treat to see in the ranking, as usual.

    And of course I'm still looping BadBye. Goddamn it, that song is ear wormy.
    But otherwise, yeah, the ranking was a bit underwhelming for me, hence my short/choppy comments.

  5. Hey, guys, could someone indicate me Vocaloid songs like Wander Girl? With this disco/’80s/dance feeling?

    I’m pretty new on the Vocaloid world, so XD


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