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A special project is being organised to celebrate the 2nd Vocafes: the “Everyone’s Vocaloid Project”, sponsored by Yamaha. Just submit your original character’s illustration, and if you’re lucky, it will become a new Vocaloid! Follow us after the break for more info.

A dream come true: not only did the users get to create new media using Vocaloid, now they’re in charge of the characters’ illustrations as well! You have awesome design ideas, but you’re insecure about your artistic skills? No problem, as, according to the Vocafes website, they’re primarily looking for uniqueness and personality.

By the way, do you like lists? No? Too bad!

  • everyone can participate, no matter where you live or how old you are. If you’re minor, though, your parents or guardians must read and agree to the rules.
  • you can submit several works, but only one character per submitted work.
  • you can already submit them. Deadline: April 24th.
  • the winner will be announced during Vocafes 02, on May 29th.
  • the new Vocaloid is planned to be released in Fall-Autumn 2011
  • the organisers of the project will take over the coyprights concerning the winning illustration, and they have the right to use any submitted work on their homepage or in anthologies for free.
  • it has to be an original work, that hasnt’t been submitted to other contests or published in other sites.
  • needless to say, don’t steal other peoples’ work!
  • this one just because I like it: no malware accepted. You’ve been warned.

Also, note that your design will be used as the basis for the new character, meaning that some elements may not appear in the final design. As for the methods of submission, unless you live in Japan, the best way would be to use pixiv. Some rules you have to follow:

  • use the official tag: ボカロ計画
  • you can submit either a simple drawing or a manga, using pixiv’s manga feature. No limitation in terms of the number of pages.
  • it can be any size.
  • it can be colored or black and white; if it’s the former, use the RGB color model.
  • resolution: at least 300dpi; 600dpi recommended.
  • you have to include some information on your illustration itself (don’t forget to leave some room for that!): a simple description of your character, his/her name, and the explanation of the name.

And a last thing: “what’s the reward?” one may ask. Well, first, your character will be seen in shops and online stores, be featured in PV’s, come to be loved by fans all over the world, etc. But they’ll even offer you a copy of the new Vocaloid when it’s released! So, what are you waiting for?

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24 thoughts on “Everyone’s Vocaloid Project”

    1. Actually, I don't know. They say your nationality doesn't matter which seems to indicate at least English is fine, but they don't mention anything about the language you have to use. pixiv just enabled English support on their site, and it may be a sign that English is fair game for the contest, but ultimately I'd say it's up to you.

  1. This is so exciting! I want to try to design something already but I don't even know where to start! All I know is that I think we could use a new male Vocaloid. :3

  2. Me and my friends are doing one, so far we planned a male voice, and we are brainstorming design and headphones voicetype is still under discussion and we hope to win xD but we probably won’t

  3. the thing that sucks though is that I can't sign up for Pixiv ;A; The page keeps getting stuck at the security code or they won't send me a verification email TToTT

  4. You guys should add that those under 18 need post their parental permission in the description box when submitting. 🙂

    I'm thinking about entering, but there are so many creative and awesome artists in Pixiv that I don't think that I'll have even a remote chance to win. XD

    1. Thanks! I forgot to talk about the less than 18 thing. But do you have a source? The only thing I've found (on the pixiv page) is that you need the parental permission, but not that you should mention it in the desciption box. So I updated the article according to the rule I found, which is "※18歳未満の方は、本応募要項への保護者の同意を得た上でご投稿ください。"

  5. wow, I love to draw, I'd love to win another contest! Especially one this big! Imagine my own vocaloid… that'd be great!! *starts doodling*

  6. I'm not very thrilled about the fact that the winner won't get payed anything and they'll take over the copyrights. Very clever though, they'll get a good design for their Vocaloid for free, or at least for very cheap.
    I'd love to enter and I've always dreamed of getting to design a real Vocaloid, but this still worries me.

    1. i think this is exactly it
      if you think about it it is a truly genius move on their part

      of course, if i have time, i'll be entering anyway. . .LOL

  7. hnng my lack of being able to understand japanese is keeping me from joining pixiv and entering orz
    haha maybe this will happen again when i've learn a little japanese XD

    anywho good luck to you all! * u *

  8. does anyone know where you actually submit the drawing? I keep following links to other sites and im getting majorly confused XU
    I've only just signed up for pixiv so I dont know how to enter -.-'

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