Balloom, a Vocaloid P Music Label

A new music label has been announced and it consists of Vocaloid Ps. This music label is called Balloom, and mainly consists of Hachi, Agoaniki, Toku, wowaka, OSTER “BIGBAND” Project, Fullkawa Honpo, Nanou, and Scope. The first album to be released under this label will be wowaka’s 2nd album titled “Unhappy Refrain”. Tracklist and other information is listed after the break.

wowaka’s new album is 2 discs, with 14 original songs and a 7 track remix CD. The album will be released on May 18th, 2011 and will cost 2500 Yen.

    01.アンハッピーリフレイン/Unhappy Refrain(New)
    02.ローリンガール/Rolling Girl
    03.積み木の人形/Tsumiki no Ningyou
    04.僕のサイノウ/My Talent
    06.テノヒラ/Palm of your hand
    08.ラインアート/Line Art
    09.裏表ラバーズ/Uramote Lovers
    10.グレーゾーンにて。/In the Gray Zone
    11.ずれていく/Out of Step
    12.リバシブルドール/Reversible Doll
    13.ワールズエンド・ダンスホール/World’s End Dancehall
    14.プリズムキューブ/Prism Cube(New)

    01.裏表ラバーズ/Uramote Lovers  remix by キャプテンミライ
    02.とおせんぼ/Tosenbo   remix by acane-madder
    03.ローリンガール/Rolling Girl remix by acane-madder
    04.僕のサイノウ/My Talent  remix by とく feat.pagodes
    05.積み木の人形/Tsumiki no Ningyou  remix by とく feat.pagodes
    06.ずれていく/Out of Step   remix by whoo
    07.ワールズエンド・ダンスホール/World’s End Dancehall remix by dixie flatline

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11 thoughts on “Balloom, a Vocaloid P Music Label”

  1. Joy ! If only Ryo and Kz did the same instead of selling their soul to the evil Sony …

    I really wish this new Label a lot of success and will sure buy it as soon as they make an MP3 available 🙂

  2. I thought Fullkawa Honpo quit music?? If he really is back that would make me ever so happy.

  3. Yeah I hope they all make it. But even the fact that they are will to go through with this venture probably means that they are pretty optimistic about the near term demand for good Vocaloid Music it looks like.

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