Introducing the Vocaloid Invitational Tournament 2011

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On Sunday, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament unofficially begins in the United States. 68 university-level teams will play each other over three weeks in a now-famous single-elimination tournament.  It’s believed that millions, if not billions of dollars worth of productivity will be wasted watching sports on TV and online, in addition to all the man-hours spent on those infamous bracket pools.  Even those who don’t even know a bounce pass from a hole in the ground will get involved in this four-week falderal.  To Americans, this tournament is what World Cup is to the rest of the world.

In honor of this fun waste of time, I decided we should have a fun time-waster of our own.  And thus, the Vocaloid Invitational Tournament was born.  We’ve lined up 24 Vocaloids from both sides of the International Date Line to compete in a bracket-style tourney, and the winners will be determined by, of course, you, the reader.

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Here’s how it’s going to work.  Our Tournament Selection Committee has assigned each of our 24 competitors a ranking from 1 to 6. They are then placed into one of four arbitrarily-named regions so that one member of each rank is arranged as such:

Click for a .pdf version. Can you predict our champion?

As you can see, everyone is initially arranged into head-to-head matchups, with the top 2 seeds in each region getting a free pass to the 2nd round.  You’re going to vote on who wins these matchups in a series of simple “Who wins?” polls.  The criteria for who wins is completely up to you: whether it’s singing ability, looks, popularity, or the number of points their name would earn in Scrabble (even though all proper names are illegal).  Whoever wins after one week of polling moves on to the next round.  In the thrilling conclusion, all four regional winners will square off in one final four-‘loid poll to determine our inaugural champion.

Sounds like fun?  I certainly hope so, because the opening round has begun.  Polls close for round 1 on March 15.  You can cast your ballots below and sound off in the comments section.  Good luck, choose wisely, and have fun!

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38 thoughts on “Introducing the Vocaloid Invitational Tournament 2011”

  1. Ahh! I had to vote for EITHER MIKI OR YUKI…! It was a hard decision. Can't wait for the results.

  2. Also I am not going to call any major upsets.

    I expect to see Miku, Luka, Gumi, and Rin in the Final Four, no doubt!

  3. haha this seems like a fun waste of time ^^
    I will always vote for Len no matter what. Even though he probably won't win… ;_;

  4. Well, I can already see the ending!
    Miku will pawn this one, even if the concert that she had yesterday was kida suck=w=, not her fault!

  5. I can quite easily see everyone from the first round being eliminated and Miku (maybe even Gumi?) winning by a wide margin!

    Maybe next time Vocaloids could be judged by their singing ability, (e.g they could all sing the same song and be judged on who sings it the best).

  6. Sonika must arrive to Tenor Final, at least! The confrontation against Gumi would be like two old friends but now rivals that meet after a long time.

    Sonika beats 3-0 VY1 just taking in account the number of vowels in the name. And, even if VY1 has any gender, Sonika has gained all the languages. All of them.

    KAITO in the other hand doesn't seem to be a piece of cake. That man goes more for a cooler clash. But 2nd round is still far.

  7. I’ll rig these somehow. Gumi will win! D< Joking obviously. My guess is that the AHSloids and Engloids won't last long, the other non-Cryptons will drop off too. Twins, Luka, and Miku will probably be last four. -sigh-

    1. Miku and everyone else is on the list because this is acting as the big “Most Popular Vocaloid” poll that I refuse to do as part of the Vocaloidism Awards. It’s up to you all to determine her fate.

      If there’s enough clamor, I’ll put up my predictions.

  8. Hm… I've lived in America my entire life and have never even heard of the NCAA whatever-a-majigie xD
    I didn't even know Americans liked basketball that much. I thought we were supposed to like American football!!!

    I'm totally voting here though. Gumi to the top!

    1. I know, I'm a huge fan too. The goal was just to pick a model to go off of to make a tournament where everyone can support their favorite Vocaloids.

    1. Because the Region names are completely arbitrary and have no bearing on anything. They’re just a simple way to distinguish the bracket quadrants.

  9. I want Kaito to win TT^TT but its obvious who will take the prize of course, right? damn Miku.

    for now though I will thoroughly support Piko! …for one round… because I like Gumi too much…

  10. Oh, Kaito, Piko, Len, & Gakupo, I wish all 4 of you could win but I'll have to narrow that down to two if ya'll make it to the second round. 8P

    Kaito and Len then! I'll be rooting!! 83

  11. I can’t choose. Rin and Len. Dammit ==” They’re both frikin awesome.
    Anyways, Gumi deserves to win against Kaito *protect myself against Kaito fans* Go Gumi! And yes. I think AHSLoids and Engloids don’t stand a chance. Even I don’t really dig them… *Protect myself from rock shower*

  12. Miku vs Gumi in the finals? Tough call. IMO Miku is still the Queen but, Gumi has had a great year and is rising fast.

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