Dreamy Theater 2nd PS3 Controller For Project DIVA

With Dreamy Theater 2 for the PS3 coming out this summer Hori (the same company which produced the PD2nd accessories pack) has announced an arcade-style controller which it hopes to release when DT2 is out. For more information just read on as always.

The controller will be similar to the Project DIVA Arcade cabinet system, which is compatible with PD2nd and Dreamy Theater.

Here are the specifications and pricing as follows:

Size – 690x430x70mm
Weight – About 6.0 kg
Cable – About 3.0m
Price – 29,939 yen (with tax) (about 360 USD)

Preorder has already started and will last until March 22nd 6pm Japan Time, production will only start if enough orders are received at the end of the pre-order period.

Info source: Here and here

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7 thoughts on “Dreamy Theater 2nd PS3 Controller For Project DIVA”

  1. While I don't think I would have bought this soon either way I am very dismayed at the price. It couldn't possibly be that difficult to make a controller, even one of this high quality, could it? (I actually don't know)

    I would hope that they consider reducing the price. In many ways this smacks for fan exploitation, it is quite a high markup even compared to other "Vocaloid" themed merchandise.

  2. HOLY POOP! i would love to have this, im a huge fan, but i need money aswell ^ ^; maby sometime down the road…

  3. It's not really a needed controller—-it's just one of those ultra luxury accessories—-kind of like pimping out your cell phone in diamonds.

    They still have the same functions, but for the sake of luxury has dozens more appealing and aesthetic designs for those who have fat cash xD

    I would like to have it though—-it better be wireless and small(-er than the ps3 controller) D:

    1. Small ? it is arcade sized, so it won't be small (approx. 27x17x3in, and about 12lb). and since the length of the cable is given, I doubt it will be wireless.

      1. MAKES ME SAD. ( ;´Д`)

        OH. Arcade size—-I can't believe I thought it would be like another controller—-so it's a peripheral all on it's own—kind of like Guitar Hero Guitars and DDR dance mats?

        Wow that is uhm. Interesting.

        1. Well, judging from the shape, it would have been a really awkward controller anyway =)
          And yes, it is a new peripheral. Its is probably so you can fully emulate the arcade experience into the comfort of your home (I think I sound like a saleswoman there, but you get the point). And, also, it is a pretext to release expensive merchandise =p
          What I'm wondering is, are you supposed to put that on your lap, or on a table in front of you ? because it would be a bit too heavy to be used during a long time, especially since you are supposed to hit it.

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