Regarding The Disasters In Japan

Update on March 14th 2011: Added another spreadsheet as pointed out on HatsuneMikuMiku blog.

With the unfortunate and difficult times that Japan is experiencing currently our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering from the massive earthquakes and tsunamis that follow, as well as those affected in the Pacific Ocean region. While the people in Japan will definitely be strong and try to cope as to the best they can we do hope they will remain safe as our best wishes goes out to everyone of them.

For the readers who may want to be kept updated on the matter there’s MSNBC where a list of sites providing real-time information about the earthquake and looking for missing people are mentioned. And if you are willing to contribute financially there’s always this useful link which lists out the instructions and avenues you can render your assistance to.

Also, for readers who may be wondering about the safety of the Producers/Nico Singers and Musicians/Illustrators there’s this spreadsheet on Google where a list of Vocaloid and Nico-related people who have posted on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet since the earthquake has been compiled, along with another list of those unconfirmed/missing at the moment. This list mentions only people who are currently in Japan and while it may not be updated up-to-the-minute as to their current situation but efforts have been put in to make sure the list is constantly as accurate as possible. And if you know someone who should be in the list but isn’t mentioned you can always ask/update in the chat (click on the “Anonymous user —- and — others” on the top right of the page and the chatbox will appear)

If you prefer to browse through the lists in Japanese then here it is.

Edit: Currently NND is offering a service where people can pay to advertise on a video, and all of the points used will go directly to Red Cross Japan, or any other agencies that the users want the money to go to help citizens in need. As of March 13th 2011 14:00 hours Japan Time, the count has reached over 1 million USD and has been going up ever since. Here is an image of how to donate.

Thank you for visiting Vocaloidism today as we hope to seek your kind understanding for bearing with us during this very difficult and chaotic time.

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25 thoughts on “Regarding The Disasters In Japan”

  1. So far keeping up with missing persons is quite difficult—-this disaster definitely caused panic throughout the pacific region—the island I'm on was luckily spared from the tsunami waves, but watching all the Japanese tourists here breakdown after evacuating their hotel room near the beach front was heart wrenching.

    I'm still waiting on emails from friends I made on NND D:

    Prayers and love go out to those affected ( ಥ _ಥ)

  2. i curse you mother earth ! ! !
    JK JK. =P the true is i'm a little worry about the P's too
    lets pray for the best

  3. I have not much word to say except wishing Japan the quickest possible recovery after such a tragedy. On the positive side, the cost of this earthquake should be lesser than the one in Kobe, but I'm still going to double my Vocaloid purchases this month because the economy will anyway be hit hard in the short term.

    1. Some economists say that Japans economy will actually be better off after the quake than it was before due to reconstruction and everything that will happen.

      1. You're right, but in the short-term that won't be easy. Re-insurers have assessed the cost of the quake to $10G (and they did not include a nuclear plant at $2G apiece). So it's sure that my extra purchases will be like a drop in an ocean, but still that would be my way to help since I'm mostly connected to Japan through Vocaloid music.

        Oh and BTW for the curious, I bough "Best of LamazeP", Vocalogenesis and 40mP's last album (コタエアワセ). All of this on top of my usual MP3 purchases ^^

  4. Anyone has seen list of dead and missing person in japan disaster? pls email me -email- thanks a lot.

  5. 日本頑張って。
    Hold on, Japan.
    I read that sippotan's (who is in charge of Vocaran) house was partially destroyed but I think he said he's okay (I can't read Japanese that well). He wrote that in the updated description for WVR #179. And he said that he'll be on hiatus for at least two weeks.
    I wish Japan a speedy recovery. I don't have any friends in Japan or even really know anybody in Japan but there's lots of people whose music I love, so it's kind of like they're my friends ><;

    1. He is safe and with his family. The hardware that does the Vocaran itself is safe, but he will be taking a 2 week break starting 3/14/2011. (From twitter)

  6. This makes me feel guilty about other disasters that have happened recently where I’ve gone ‘Oh dear’ and not given them much more thought, but now Japan affects me personally and I feel concern for the P’s who are connected to me through their music… ; _ ;

  7. I´ve helped with some names for the list. Hope are all safe on these momments, and I wish that this situation in Japan don´t last more longer, also I wish a fast recovery for all Japan.

    Regards from Spain.

  8. Gosh, I hope everyone's fine. I recognize almost all the producers from that list…did you get any updates from Dixie Flatline yet? I'm kind of worried

  9. i really hope that japan and its people is ok….
    not just the producers,singers,artists, etc. but the citizens as well.
    to see their homeland and people(families & friends) torn apart that must be really heart-breaking.

    prayers and best wishes will reach you japan!! don't give up!! stand up tall as you did b4 and you'll be a higher insperation!!

  10. so, Sippotan is just fine, a little shaken, but otherwise all right. *exhale* well, that's a relief…
    let's hope the 5th nuclear reactor is stabalized so that he/she (i'm still unaware of Sipps' gender) may create this weeks' vocaran; which would be an enrmous morale booster as well as a sign that would further prove that Sipps is alive and well.

    let's hope that all the aid, money, and hope we're sending to Japan right now will only do good. if only i had more to offer in aid… ;_;

    1. Iori has made this weeks vocaran, and it has been approved for this weeks replacement, and it seems like s/he will be doing it while Sippotan is away.

    2. i think i just had a heart attack seeing the new vocaran less than 5 minutes after i posted this….
      all's right and well with the world again.

  11. lol why aren't のぶなが、グリリ、ENE and わたあめ on the list? they were all in japan during the quake. のぶながhas since returned to south korea. ぐりりmay also have returned to south korea. all 4 have checked in safely however. I find it funny that madoislilo is on the list, as far as I know she lives in california.

    as for the other korean singers

    HAN and TMDC as far as i know were also in Japan (likely Tokyo) at the time of the quake, I'm pretty sure they're alright now, as the other 4 have gone about doing what they normally do, the korean troupe is usually fairly tightly knit on NND.

  12. I also wish Japan a quick recovery, I know they are prepared for disasters but this one hit pretty hard. Anyway I love what you are doing for this cause, and love Vocaloidism. Cheers!

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