2011 Vocaloidism Invitational Tournament – Round 2 [Updated]

UPDATED 3/17:Correction added

I think it’s safe to say that we would all like to give last week back for a do-over.  Unfortunately, we can’t, so we must move on.  I do appreciate everyone’s civility over the past few days.  You guys have no idea how refreshing common decency on the Internet can be.

Vocaloidism is beginning to post articles and features again, and this Vocaloidism Invitational Tournament is a new one.  Essentially, 24 Vocaloids  battle against each other in a single-elimination tournament to see who wins, which is something you, the reader, vote on.  We started last week, and today marks the end of the 1st round.  It was meant to be a fun diversion, and maybe it can still be that, but I think there needs to be at least a small change.

Underneath the cut, you’ll see last week’s results and this week’s match-ups.  More important, however, is announcement concerning this tournament going forward.  If you want to aid in the relief efforts for Japan, but maybe don’t have the means or access, I encourage you to read on.

In order to do something to help, I’ve decided to hold a bit of a fundraiser involving the VIT.  Starting with next week’s polls (March 23), for every 100 total votes cast in the VIT, $1 will be donated to the Red Cross.*  I’m holding off for a week so you can spread the word to others.  I also want to encourage other readers to hold similar fundraisers, whether it’s raising money-per-vote, doing a charity bracket challenge (share brackets on twitter using hash tag #VITbracket), or just making prop bets on the various possible outcomes.  Show your pride as a Vocaloid fan while supporting a worthy cause.

So that comes later, first comes last week’s results.

Scores are percentages of each vote, rounded down.
This result was reported in error in the above pic.

After counting nearly 4,300 total votes (about 530 per match), I must say I’m a little disappointed.  We had four matches where a Japanese Vocaloid was pitted against a European one, and the former won all four times, including Pikoloid’s major upset of Big Al.  Things do not bode well for Lola or Sweet Ann.

Now the 2nd round commences as familiar faces join the fray.  Will the bye week help or hurt the top seeds?  It’s up to you to decide.  Polls close in Tuesday at 4PM EDT and then we start voting for charity.  Thanks for voting.

*-Maximum of $200.  Amount and charity subject to change.

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20 thoughts on “2011 Vocaloidism Invitational Tournament – Round 2 [Updated]”

    1. Nope, it's Meiko.
      I request the mods please change it to Meiko, I accidentally voted for Lola instead of her because I thought it was Sakine. orz;

  1. As much as I generally hate things like this (as I love almost all of the Vocaloids equally), I just took it for a spin.
    I think I have a bias for the new Vocaloids, not because they're necessarily better, but because they're new and I like new things =w=;

  2. God not miku and neko no not that everything else… Well miku is going down and miki and luka 0.0 i live them both

  3. i won't be surprise if people didn't vote for Miku on purpose =P
    Luka or Miki, Rin or Lily, Gumi or Piko, VY-1 or Kaito
    impossible to choose >.<
    all the English ones "died" so hoping Sweet Ann or Lola have a chance… at least

  4. Oh gawd, what if Piko won the next round? He'll have to go against Kaito! My fave Vocaloid! Piko or Kaito? or Gakupo and Luka?! GAH! Why is this thing soooooo hard! x3 Well, we all know the Engloids are going to be out next round…poor gals. 8P

  5. #1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 were obvious…. but the hardest was between Len and sweet Ann, especially since Len has always been a classic favorite of mine and Sweet Ann's a recent favorite of mine. it's like pitting Miyazaki and Yoshiura….

  6. Len vs Sweet Ann? Len will win, no contest. There are more Japanese Vocaloid fans than there are English Vocaloid fans. Plus with the amount of Len fangirls/fanboys, the results will be a landslide. Sorry, there's no way Sweet Ann will win.

  7. It’s a shame Sonika didn’t move on. She has a great voice and can be used for EVERYTHING. But oh well.

  8. I dunno who to root for – Miku is kind of a goddess, but Luka’s lows are so, so delicious.

    Now, if it were Miku APPEND, I’d know who to vote for in a flash.

    — Griffinhart

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