Vocaloidism Invitational Tournament 2011-Regional Finals

Updated 3/27

UPDATE 3/24:the one poll that accidentally closed is now reopened.
Japan is slowly getting back to normal, but it’s still a long way before full recovery.  Earthquakes are still happening at an alarming rate, and there’s a nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps wondering if these aftershocks will ultimately render Japan’s land unusable.

However, we can only worry about what’s going on right now, which is why from this week forward, every vote in our little Vocaloid tournament will go towards aiding Japan.  For every 100 votes this week and next, $1 from my own pocket will be donated to the American Red Cross.  The above picture will be regularly updated to show the progress made towards the $200 ceiling. Descent here to make a pledge to this cause as well. I will be donating $25 Dollar plus an additional $1 for every 50 votes for my favorite Vocaloid (its um totally a secret or something). Please vote and tell you friends to help contribute to a great cause.

In order to know who you’ll be voting for, though, we need to know the results from last week’s matches.  Those are below.

We started with 24 Vocaloids. Last week, the remaining 16 pared themselves down to 8, and here are the results.

Scores are percentages of final vote

In a word, chalk.  A vast majority of the 1600+ votes this week went for the higher seeds, leaving us with four 1 vs 2 matchups for our regional finals.  Remember, each regional champion will compete against each other next week in a 4-way final to determine the tournament’s inaugural champion.  Polls close next Tuesday at 4PM EDT, and don’t hesitate to tell others about this.  Even if they aren’t necessarily Vocaloid fans, their vote means more money for a great cause.

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26 thoughts on “Vocaloidism Invitational Tournament 2011-Regional Finals”

  1. The thing with land in Japan is it's STILL going to be a popular piece in the world market for land—-no matter how unstable it's in the heart of trade and technology. There is always going to be someone paying up the butt for a little bit of Japanese territory, no matter how much they put into earthquake proofing the land/building.

    OMFG. Where are the Engloids?! I would have expected at least Sonika to make it into the Regional Finals. Swweeetttt Taaaaannnnn ( ;´Д`)

    EDIT: I wish people would actually focus on the champions of their RESPECTIVE RANGE not how many mylists views they have . _.

  2. Ugh, only reason I'm voting is for the donations. I knew it was just popularity contest from the start, but still :/ I'm glad Iroha and VY1 at least got 40% votes though, so at least some people recognize quality.

  3. Well, at least Sonika got the better result against a "Japan-loid", VY1, of all the Engloids. And actually VY1 did itself the best of all 2nd round "not-winners".
    But even if it were kinda predictable it's still a nice competition.

    I would have loved more MEIKO-KAITO and Miku-GUMI as duels in the west but the East region are sure awesome pairs.

    And maybe we can still see a 1st gen fight! That would totally rock.

    Also, is there going to be a 3rd vs 4th match?

    1. Yeah, I think Miku vs. Gumi would have been more interesting. Gumi is one of the few that I feel has a chance (a high one at that) of actually beating out Miku. Sadly, Meiko is gonna be beaten badly :/

    1. Rin vs. Len! >< Every part of my Kagamine-loving senses tells me not to choose… but I must! Please forgive me….!
      (i didn't know they were bass?)

  4. NOOOO Why must you put Rin and Len as opponents~??!? TT TT
    I DON"T WANNA~~~~ They need to be together…….

  5. I just know Miku's going to beat out Meiko.
    But in terms of the range, I picked Meiko.

    I don't necessarily have preference of Meiko's voice any more than I like Miku's. But Miku is placed in the wrong category. I seriously think Miku suffers from misuse in that she is constantly put in high-pitched songs that make her sound peachy (which is why a lot of people think she sounds annoying), with people completely ignoring that she sounds best – and actually extremely good – in a lower range.

  6. So, the poll turned into Project Diva + Gumi and Gakupo. At least Miki and Kiyoteru were able to make it to the second round! Thank you for donating.

  7. Ah, this is hard! Luka or Gakupo? Damn this is going to hurt! lol

    Len wins hands down over his Twin/sister/mirror/clone/etc in terms of Bass so that wasn't hard.

    Gumi is awesome but I love Kaito more, so yay for Kaito! 83~ But darn Meiko or Miku? Sorry Meiko, I love ya but Miku just wins since her range is pretty high. 8D

  8. Vote for –> meiko, kaito, luka, and LEN~!! XD
    this is the hardest cjoice because i have to think more than twice (let me count, 1,2,3,………..120,121,122, GAH! to many T^T)
    sorry miku, gumi, gakupo and rin TT_TT i got no choice right now..

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