Weekly UTAU Ranking #123 – The End of Winter

Image source: 電機ほたる@pray4jpn
Image source: 電機ほたる@pray4jpn

The warm weather is starting here in the US (is it the same where you live?). With spring comes new beginnings and this week we see a surge of supportive songs and wishes in the UTAU community.

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking!

Now that it’s the second half of March, it’s become much warmer! We’re seeing more and more signs of Spring! With the disaster still unfolding, I think the sooner this sweet season comes, the better. Also, there has been a lot of songs about the disaster, including UTAU ones, that were uploaded last week. It’s true that those who are in the struck areas won’t probably be able to listen to them, but if it could bring happiness, even a little bit, it would be great.

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☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #71)


The number 1 was Maiyo-P’s “Happy Life,” featuring Sekka Yufu. Congratulations! Like the song says, I hope all of you will soon have a “Happy Life”.

To conclude this ranking, let’s see number 21 to 100, as well as the extra ranking number 6 to 25. See you next week!


Kasane Teto, the Third Anniversary Tour

A trip with Teto: Third Anniversary Tour

A Third Anniversary Tour will be organised to celebrate Teto’s birthday. You can now submit your videos for this occasion! There’s only one rule: make a video that celebrates Teto’s third anniversary. See the Nicopedia article on “Teto Kasane Third Anniversary Tour” for further details. It seems Teto is thrilled about this trip she’ll be taking with all of you!

Each week we’ll feature one reader’s video pick. If you’d like to see your pick here, please comment and list the video and why you like it; it can be any video, so long as there is UTAU involved!

Reader Shortcake brings us this week’s pick of Kossori○○-P’s “Ame Nochi Hare” featuring Namine Ritsu. They write, “it’s one of my favorite Ritsu songs and definitely a change from the more rock-influenced songs he’s been in. Its companion song, “Hare Nochi Ame” is also worth checking out. Someone paid about $180 worth of yen to sponsor it, so it can’t be all bad.” Ohwow, this is a nice and pleasant change, great choice!

Yufu takes over the top again, great job to her! She really does have a beautiful voice and I think is a leader in getting people interested in UTAU.

Lots of great new songs this week; I think people are trying to return back to their normal lives and move forward. Let’s all support them and UTAU through the hard times.

Oh, and I now have a new blog color, did anyone notice? ^_~

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2 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #123 – The End of Winter”

  1. #38 is SHIOEI-san's Shou original! I remember spazzing out on that one. It's downloaded XD;
    Aki is truly amazing. Really (#5).

  2. #2 : OMG, MTG parody songs, Yaaaaayy!!!

    Casting strom cards just to removed by Mindbreak Trap => Happen to me twice, shame on me T_T
    I want that shinny DCI SoF and Jitte >_<

    OMG Teto and Utane are playing MTG? Play with me too plz

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