Vocaloid Invitational Tournament 2011 – Championship Final

Last Update: 3/29

Last week, we kicked off our donation drive to benefit the victims of the Japanese disaster.  For every 100 votes cast during last week’s tournament matches, I donate a dollar. After the first week, we had three polls with 305 votes, and one with less.  We’ve bumped that up for sake of being nice (and a bit of a mea culpa,) so we’re up to $12 at this point, as indicated by the above graphic.  Descent87 has put up $25 + $1 for every 50 votes on his favorite Vocaloid.   All in all, it’s a good start, but I know there’s plenty more to come.

Will his wallet run dry?  Which Vocaloids made it to the championship match?  We’ve got your results right here and we’ll reveal them all…after the break.

Goodness, this tournament has had more chalk than a primary school.  Not only did the top 8 seeds made it to the regional finals, all four #1 seeds made it to the end. Luka scored our biggest rout of the tournament, winning by over a 5:1 margin.  The Kagamine battle was fierce, but the matriarchy prevails.

Score are % of that match's vote, rounded down. The regions mean nothing.

Now, with only one round to go, it’s up to you to determine our tournament’s first ever champion.  In a twist of fate and charity, you’ll have until midnight on FRIDAY NIGHT, April 9 (New York time) to vote.  Descent and I will still be counting votes for cash, so get everyone you can involved.  We thank you for your votes this past 3 weeks and hope we get our biggest turnout yet for the final.  Vote on!

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28 thoughts on “Vocaloid Invitational Tournament 2011 – Championship Final”

  1. Nooo!! Len!! How could this happen? XD"
    Ahhh~~;;; Oh well- being overshadowed by his sister forever I guess~ XD"
    I want to thank you personally for the donations- I couldn't get my folks to donate and I really wanted to find a way to help- Thanks for turning this opprtunity up and in such a fun way- really! 🙂
    Wonder how the championship will turn out- probably Miku again~ XP

    1. Well thanks for participating, be sure to encourage whoever you can as well.

      You mentioned something about Miku winning, I fail to see how that would be a bad thing 😛

    2. I think it´s Miku… why?
      I give you a reason, she´s the Fav. of everyone xD
      BTW, she has the most Library for Vocaloid 2 too 😀
      And last thing to say: Miku, Gumi, Lily, Teto & Luka 4 ever =)

  2. I voted Gumi. She has improved so much over the year. To think, there used to be a time when Gumi was shunned and forgotten. Now, she is one of the best Vocaloids around. Also, I voted to make sure a Cryptonloid doesn't win another contest. XD

    1. I know she has had so much amazing stuff this year. I had no clue who she was and then I watched what was pretty much my first WVR and saw Yowamubushi Montblanc and I was in love.

      So much awesomeness: Montblanc, Mozaik Role, Pedal Heart, disco radio, Happy Synthesizer, My Room Disco Night, ect, ect.

      Deco's work has been especially masterful with her. He has basically put out almost 2 albums of pure epicness this year using Gumi

  3. Nooooooo, Meiko and Kaito! ;_;
    Yes it would've been a miracle if Meiko or Kaito had won but I thought that maybe, just maybe they'd have a chance.

  4. This might be where miku falls. Gumi has many lovers and miku has many haters. I'm still voing on miku though. If everyone only gets one vote though she might have a large chance of winning though.

    1. Yeah despite everyone's reactions I really feel that Miku is quite the underdog here. For reasons I don't understand (especially since her fame made Vocaloid possible and helped bring about all the other amazing V-loids) there are lots of Miku haters or haters of people who like Miku for "grabbing the spotlight".

      While its "assumed" she wins, she will definitely have to fight through alot of voting that is done by people who really want to see her lose.

      No one get mad at this lol, I'm just putting my own opinion out there, but it will be a very interesting last week.

    2. Gumi will probably get the votes of the people who are annoyed by the fame of Miku and are not fans of Luka or Rin. But still that would be a surprise if she win. Besides, Miku don't care because she's loved by all of her outsiders, want a proof ? Look at the following PVs XD

      [youtube qa3lsf4HAMc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa3lsf4HAMc youtube]

      [youtube crhiFWrVbTk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crhiFWrVbTk youtube]

      [youtube -UYfsJ_aKso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UYfsJ_aKso youtube]

    3. Ohh come on I'm fed up with this IntenseDebate bug: I put three different YT links and the first one is duplicated on the two others :@

      I will try to put the two remaining link here and see if this bug can be reproduced.

      So for the record first one is ドキドキ☆百合学園 and second should be charActer, we'll see if first erase second.

      [youtube crhiFWrVbTk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crhiFWrVbTk youtube]

      [youtube -UYfsJ_aKso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UYfsJ_aKso youtube]

  5. Oh no…. why? The final choices are always the most difficult…….

    I ~Love~ Kagamine Rin, but there's so many good Miku songs….
    Gumi I don't know too well but her songs are very amazing too……
    And Megurine Luka has TAKO LUKA!!! XDXDXD +1 for cuteness…

    Ah…… I think the winner will be either Miku or Gumi, but I'm voting for Rin! XD

    E-Rin! E-Rin! XD

  6. LOL. Do the voters even KNOW what the meanings of each region mean?! ( ಥ___ಥ)
    I think Luka seems to be the only one FIT to be in their region(not so sure about Miku though)

    1. Don't stress about it, the regions are for organizational purposes only, just like the actual NCAA tournament. It has nothing to do with their vocal ranges.

      1. Bbbuuuhhhh—-it's hard not to xD

        I wish it weren't so much popularity though—The Luka Vs Gakupo round was uhm over kill? (ㅇㅁㅇ )

  7. Poor Gakupo, I had not much hope for him but I'm nevertheless stunned by the gap with Luka.

    Also I'm disappointed by the donation meter, so Joe take note that for every dollar you donate I will add one: Paint that negi in RED !

  8. Wow, it turned out exactly like the weekly vocaloid rankings. Gumi, Miku, Rin, Luka everywhere with no one else in sight. How enthralling ಠ_ಠ

    1. It's unpleasant to many people, but things get popular for a reason. I personally like Rin more than Miku, but I completely understand why Miku is about two hundred times as popular.

  9. Everyone knows I have a VERY obvious bias – despite the fact I favor none of the four, there's one I really want to see win just for the hell of it.
    I will not say who…

  10. ;A;
    Poor len!
    It was so hard to pick between the two >.<
    Ah…poor Len…
    and now I have to pick between Gumi and Rin
    Such tough choices >.<

  11. its either Miku or GUMI now…..although people might downvote Miku just for fun =w=
    I am voted for Miku though

  12. [sigh] Gakupo and Len are out, huh? Even though (I think) they're so much better than Luka and Rin! (Rin's good though. I just don't like Luka, on the other hand.)

    1. I'm a bit disappointed Gakupo and Len lost too. I really love both him and Luka though, so it was a tough choice. I voted for Gakupo since he's my favorite and I knew he wouldn't win against her, but the gap was pretty surprising.

      Now, I'm torn between Luka and GUMI… ;^;

  13. It's funny seeing how much people hate on what's popular, and by funny, I mean, uhh, interesting.

    Gumi, I think, actually has a chance here. There's just so many people who want Miku to lose. But in all actuality I don't know–all I know is that it's going to be one of those two.

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