Happy 3rd Birthday, Kasane Teto!

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Today is April 1st and we here at Vocaloidism would like to wish a very happy 3rd Birthday to the UTAU that started it all, Kasane Teto. In many ways Teto growing official status, popularity, and creative repertoire all fittingly mirror the growth of the entire UTAU community and genre which she originally spearheaded. Though the musical achievement of her composers have long since helped everyone’s favorite 31-year-old chimera outgrow her moniker of just being the “April Fool’s Vocaloid”, it is fair to say that 2010 just might have been Teto’s biggest year yet. Please follow me after the break to check out some of Teto’s most newsworthy accomplishments, top songs, and best birthday pictures.

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Let’s start thing off by looking at some of the most exciting developments that have happened for Teto in the past year. Many of these newsworthy items, as well as many other UTAU-related tidbits can be found in UTARan producer Nami’s year-in-review statement at the start of the 2011 UTARan Special Pt.5, which was kindly written up by Vism blogger bunnychan and awesomely translated by fellow writer/translator kurisuto.

Fukkireta is Born

Teto’s 3rd year got off to a strong start in the months immediately following her last birthday as she was swept up in one of the biggest NND memes of 2010. The Fukkerita craze, which got its start when Lamaze-P (who is also known as Gojimaji-P) provided us with the addictive and mesmerizing denpa song/dance video combo that would soon spawn the creation of hundreds of follow up productions. Feel free to catch up of the fad here and click the video below to listen to what has now become one of Teto’s most famous songs and videos, her Fukkerita PV set to the very recognizable Ochame Kinou (tl: Mischevious Function):

EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Teto Vocaloanthems

Fukkerita’s growing fame as well as the association of Teto and Mischevious Function with the fad likely played a big role is securing her a spot in EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Vocaloanthems. Yet another in the line of top selling EXIT Tunes Vocaloid releases, it was Teto’s first major inclusion in a commercial release, clear evidence of her growing acceptance and mainstream popularity amongst the Vocaloid/UTAU fan community.

Other big happenings:

-In April 2010 Crypton Media took over stewardship of Kasane Teto’s official use. This action was accompanied by the motion to begin accepting and cataloging Kasane Teto Illustrations and Music on Piapro, the web’s largest Vocaloid-centric community, which is also run in conjunction with Crypton.

-Teto’s first official figure was revealed in July at Wonder Festival.

-In October 2010, Kasane Teto became part of the KarenT Vocaloid (and now UTAU) brand as the music label acquired the Teto compilation album “Graduation from Lie”, which is now also available on iTunes.

-In November the Ochame Kinou [Anime PV] (released originally on Teto’s birthday in 2010) became one of the first UTAU videos ever to reach 1 million views.

-Teto also grabbed the top spot in the early 2011 UTARan Special Rankings with her amazing cover of Electric Angel as produced by Kotsuban-P:

-Beginning with UTAU official transition to shareware in January 2010 the entire genre has seen some fabulous growth and has been highlighted in various media and online features. UTAU productions and the producer population are both on the rise, something the first official THE UTAU M@STER event, held this past summer, can attest too. Fans should take pride in the large role Teto has played in the meteoric growth of what was once an extreme niche genre and should definitely look toward the remainder of 2011 with even more optimism.

Teto Birthday Illustrations from across the Web:

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Source: 赤 宮
Source: hituzu
Source: 南ハルヤ@ブクマ整理した

It’s only for one day Neru

Source: 霧生@マイピク募集中
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Source: 唯葉

What a beautiful cake!

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Miki☆Teto Radio Jam, in Celebration of Teto’s Birthday

Here are some commemorative song releases for her birthday:

A short Coward Montblanc cover:

Amazing cover of 40mP’s Calc:

A pretty interesting cover over “Lovin’ You”, some cool vocal work and decent UTAU english:

A cover of cosmoP’s “Dissociation of Hatsune Miku”:

And finally some of the most popular Teto’s songs released in the past year:

The amazing “Chain Girl” cover by 村田P :

Teto and Ritsu’s “Matryoshka” cover by KIPCIN:

Teto and Miku team up to sing “Alive”:

As I wrap this article up I just want to wish Teto a very happy birthday and express my thanks to her, her designer, and the countless producers who strive everyday to make excellent songs, PVs, and MMD videos feature her unique vocal talents. I wish them all another successful and exciting year. This baguette’s for you girl!

Please feel free pass on any congratulations, birthday videos, pictures, comments, and links in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy b'day Teto! Last year was a quite busy one, so let's hope this year will be too! And hurry up, Ps, you have to come up with the successor to Ochame Kinou! 😀

  2. Happy Birthday to Kasane Teto, one of my favourite UTAU
    I always like fukkireta and kasane territory, they are always at my top 10 UTAU songs

      1. That's why I was confused. She -does-. Heck, "rainbow days" is going to make the VocaRan. And as for songs released over the past year, she's had plenty of songs with tons of views. I don't get why there are only covers listed here. Isn't it just contributing to defining Teto's (and UTAU's) role as being used only for cover songs and not anything original?

        Don't get me wrong, the songs listed are great covers, but -only- covers (well, one original song, -with Miku-)? Does no one else find this a tad bit insulting?

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