New Anime Redesigns For Sweet Ann and Big Al!

Sweet Ann's new look
Big Al

Information from PowerFX has revealed that the company has approved Sweet Ann and Big Al’s redesigns for the Taiwan market after relaunching its site in general. You can look at the redesign for both Sweet Ann and Big Al above.

So what do fans think of the new anime style illustrations for Sweet Ann and Big Al? Feel free to post your comments below.

Info source: Hatsune MikuMiku

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22 thoughts on “New Anime Redesigns For Sweet Ann and Big Al!”

  1. I like Sweet Ann, hands down. The art style looks like a grown up Flonne (Disgaea), and makes the look slightly abstract, and I feel that's a good thing.

    But Big Al… no no no no, and also no. His image has totally been tarnished. He doesn't look big at all, and in fact looks almost more bish than anything. I liked the original Big Al better. And what's with the outfit? He looks like he'd be the conductor in a marching band, and the loose suspender thing has already been taken by Crypton. I reject this new reality and substitute it with the old!

  2. Looks like some people are behind on the news… didn't we deal with this issue 4 days ago? These are the new images for Ann and Al IN TAIWAN.

    1. the news came out Saturday, thats not 4 days ago, but only 3. Either still there is still a ripple effect and that ripple doesn't calm down overnight.

  3. Fantastic, the Taiwan redesign for Big Al continues to add to the pile of terrible male vocaloid designs (as if Piko wasn't bad enough). However Sweet Ann's is a nice mixture of antique and futuristic. Very nice.

  4. idk, I love both designs. I honestly never liked either original design and I think these are way better.

  5. same here…as most of the comments above…

    maybe bcoz Big Al's design is not aiming for anything..or no main Idea on what he's design ought to be…or should be..

  6. I like both. I personally welcome the designs with open arms. The only thing that bothers me is the anatomy errors but overall the designs themselves are very nice and great eye candy. Taiwan sure is lucky.

  7. Well that's just great, us somewhat lucky people in Taiwan finally get more Vocaloids and they redesign Big-Al in this unbelievably lame way. But Sweet Ann looks kinda like Petra from Arcana Heart ^^

  8. Too pretty and bishie I DO NOT APPROVE~ B( Where's the 'stitches'??? I like their old designs better…

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