Racing Miku 2011 Nendoroid Reservations Now Open

Good Smile Company has earlier revealed this Racing Miku 2011 Nendoroid in which it will be made available in October 2011. As with the previous Racing Miku nendoroids this will be another exclusive to be bundled with various sponsor packages priced at 7,000 yen, 10,000 yen, 30,000 yen and 50,000 yen.

Reservations have already started and will last until May 9th 2011 15:00 hours Japan time, for those interested you can place your order over at Nicoshop.

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9 thoughts on “Racing Miku 2011 Nendoroid Reservations Now Open”

  1. want it but the price! and that not even includin the shipping cost is it ? auchhh sorry Miku, but I have to settle for Charity version one….damn it I really want this version!

  2. I don't like any of the racing Miku, mostly because Miku doesn't have anything to do with racing at all. GSC just borrowed her image for their racing team. Also she's ridiculously expensive because you can't buy her alone, you need to buy her with a bunch of other stuff. Lame.

    1. Because she is a "racing queen", racing queens always standing with the car drivers holding up an umbrella while the pit crew work on the car before the race. Their idols in Japan and many have a lot of fans. but they are mostly there to attract attention, in other words they are just for show.

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