Weekly UTAU Ranking #126 – It’s Inescapable

Image source: みおくり@迷走中
Image source: みおくり@迷走中

Let the cuteness of Nana and Pam sink in your soul; you’ll need when you get to this week’s top three. Actually, you’ll need it for a good chunk of the ranking. >.>

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking!

Like last week, there’s a lot of new videos this time, so we’ll present more of them: 30 in the main ranking, and 15 in the Pick-up segment.

Due to changes in the uploader’s private life, the period for which we collect data will be different starting next week. For further details, check the link on the video description. (T.N.: it will be from Friday to Friday, instead of Saturday.) Thank you for your understanding.

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-Translators: kurisuto, rebecca
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☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #74)


The number 1 was a “Roshin Yuukai” cover, featuring Yukio Edano (created from samples of his voice). I can’t believe it’s the third consecutive week with Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano! w Oh my God, it’s really chaos! w But this mysterious boom seems to have calmed down, so maybe things will get back to normal next week or so.

To conclude this ranking, let’s see number 31 to 150, as well as the extra ranking number 6 to 25. See you next week!

Each week we’ll feature one reader’s video pick. If you’d like to see your pick here, please comment and list the video and why you like it; it can be any video, so long as there is UTAU involved!

For the weeks that we do not have a Reader’s Pick I will post a video from the UTARan SP 2011 list. This week is number 101, “Still Alive In Love” by Fall-P feat. Sekka Yufu. This is a great song with Yufu doing some great scatting. The video is also amazing.

Man, people latch on to their memes and don’t let go, do they? But next week should be full of new stuff, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we still find Edano hiding in there somewhere. Check in next week and we’ll see what happens.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #126 – It’s Inescapable”

  1. Agh, my eyes… #25 burns.

    I hope all the parodies with Edano end under the fair use for parodies law and don't give AmeyaP any issues.
    …But it's nice to see so many songs with a masculine male voice in the ranking for a change, haha. #4 is actually quite interesting.

  2. the top 30 what again?top 30 utau was it. who was that guy at number 20?the one with the bio hazard suit. rememeber him from utau because i dont.oh wait i remember he's that utau from resident evil 3,ok now it all makes sense. and how did he even make it into the top 30 of anything?his synthesis voice sounds awful.and whos that utau at 17?that guy in the blue looks a little bit like kim jong il(also the same goes for number four).wonder what that songs about? and whats up with teto at 17 minute mark holy jesus christ she looks insane.and her voice sounds like satins computer.

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