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The 3 finalists of the MOMI Cup have been revealed; follow us after the break for more info !

The first edition of the MOMI Cup, presented as the “English MMD Cup”, will come to its conclusion on the 20th, when the winner will be announced. 100 videos were submitted by contestants from all around the world – even though the contest seems to be primarily adressed to non-Japanese MikuMikuDance users, everyone can submit their videos except the judges. Indeed, while the original MMD Cup relies on users’ votes in the form of mylisting on NicoNicoDouga, the creator of the MOMI Cup, a Spanish YouTube user known as Yamilucy, and three other judges get to select the best videos. Said judges wish to keep their anonimity in order to avoid bribery, but according to Yamilucy, two of them come from the YouTube community, and the other one is a “very famous specialist of MMD and Vocaloid”.

The notation system is based on three criteria: effort, which basically comes down to whether you used preexisting motion data or did it yourself (50% of the note), creativity (30%), the “coup de grâce” as Yamilucy put it, i.e the overall aesthetics and assembly (20%), and one symbolic extra point for the video quality.

The three finalists are: krayiyi’s “Acute MEIKOXKAITOX 初音ミク” (United States), Hoshigamiraiku’s “Abracadabra” (Mexico), and MorososaP’s “Melbourne Shuffle of Pae & Sarah” (Canada). You can view the full videos by clicking their titles, or alternatively, you can watch the official MOMI Cup video with a preview of each finalist.


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4 thoughts on “English MMD Cup: MOMI Cup”

  1. well Raiku is kinda have make a name of himself, I meant he also particpate in the original MMD Cup 🙂

  2. Yeah abracadabra is far away this best of the 3 (although all are good). Plus it is set too an uber popular song that can't but help it. I've always hoped someone but do some MMD work with that song, love the dance so much.

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