MOMI Cup 2011 Winner!

Image Source: RaikuHoshigami

The MOMI Cup winner has been revealed… I wonder who that is? Let’s pretend the pic isn’t explicit enough, and follow us after the break for more info!

Hoshigamiraiku’s “Abracadabra” won the 1st MOMI Cup! Congrats to him! For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s his video:

You can also view the video put up by Yamilucy presenting the winner, with a concluding note from the judges. And don’t forget to check out the video inscription for details about the next MOMI Cup.

See you next year~!

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3 thoughts on “MOMI Cup 2011 Winner!”

  1. Out of the final 3 this was well deserved IMO. While I had no particular liking at all for the models, the dancing was on par with many more famous MMD vids and was based on a very popular song. Dance if fairly authentic to the original, at least in the major ways as well. Congrats to Hoshigamiraiku.

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