Weekly UTAU Ranking #127 – Would You Like That To Go?

Image source: husuma
Image source: husuma

I’ll take the “meal” on the left, pleaseandthankyou! Oh, hey readers, I see you’re ready for another week of the UTARan. Well, I’m not one to disappoint, so please open your menus and chose what you’d like!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking!

It’s now mid-April, and the weather’s progressively getting warmer. It’s also the new fiscal year, and by now I think it’s the time when people start getting used to the new changes in their lives. Speaking of new things, from this week on, the data collection period has changed as I said last week. This week, the period was one day shorter because of the transition to the new system. Thank you for your understanding.

Well then, let’s see the ranking!

-Editors: chibikarla, Aster Selene, Bunnychan, Pokénatic
-Translators: kurisuto, rebecca
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)





☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #75)


The number 1 was an “Only My Railgun” cover, featuring Edano Yukio (created from samples of his voice). Yes, this week too it was Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano w The boom has calmed down, but it seems it was still pretty strong w

To conclude this ranking, let’s see number 21 to 100, as well as the extra ranking number 6 to 25. See you next week!


To celebrate my first anniversary, I, Sukone Tei, declare open the celebration event! Let’s get fired up with three projects: “Kikitei,” “Sukone Tei’s Big Chorus,” and “Looking for the new logo”!

“Kikitei”: multiple Tei users tune her voice and draw images, then the viewers have to find out who did what.

“Chorus”: many people participate, and sing the song “I Declare War on All VOC@LOIDS“. Other people can participate to this project (UTAU tuners and illustrators), so check the special website!

“New logo”: we’re looking for the new Sukottei (Sukone Tei) logo! The logos that were uploaded will be made public, and the viewers will vote for their favorite ones. Check the special site for further details!

We’re waiting for your participation, everyone!

Each week we’ll feature one reader’s video pick. If you’d like to see your pick here, please comment and list the video and why you like it; it can be any video, so long as there is UTAU involved!

Since we have no Reader’s Pick this week, it’s time for another video from the UTARan SP 2011. This week is number 102, “Taketori Hikou~Neeting Princess” by Koishi featuring Kaguya from “Touhou.” Please check out this Youtube video with English subtitles. This is a parody song and actually quite funny.

Ahhhh, I wish I had the time to do something for Tei’s celebration. *la sigh*

The Edano meme does seem to have started tapering off; I wonder what the next big boom will be? This week my favorites are number eight, six, and three.

See you all next week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #127 – Would You Like That To Go?”

  1. Hm, I don't remember any of this week in history… weird. Maybe I just didn't watch that week.

    I love the talkloid videos, but gobouP sometimes goes off the deep end with the dramatics (like when Len died except it was just a dream and then there was that weird LenxRin moment…). This time it's Luka in the hospital… though we do get to see (hear?) ikeLen, which is a nice change of pace considering he's kind of a crybaby in the talkloid videos, heh.

    I have to say, this video actually did a very good job of portraying Tei as a yandere. At parts, I actually felt bad for her. But she really is batshit crazy… I can't wait to see what happens next.

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