Fire◎Flower Hits One Million Views!

Image by わかな

It has been a long time coming but Fire◎Flower has finally reached 1 million views!!! Fire◎Flower reached 1 million hits in 2 years, 9 months, 1 day.  Hit the jump for the video, info, and pictures!

Music & Lyrics : halyosy

Illustration: わかな (Wakana)

Arrangement: is

Animation: that

I am sure you have herd of halyosy (Sakura no Ame and those amazing covers) uploaded this song on August 2nd, 2008; now, on May 3rd, 2011 17:56 it has reached a million views! It is one of the most popular Len songs and has been since it came out!  The song is metaphorically comparing love to a firework (花火; hanabi lit. fire flower) , where the singer’s love is bursting.



Image by 鬼瓦P

Image by たま

Image by M-Ca

Image by わかな

I hope everyone enjoys this song as much as I do! This was one of the songs that brought me into Vocaloid, so it’s close to my heart! I hope it can be for you as well!

Source: HMM

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14 thoughts on “Fire◎Flower Hits One Million Views!”

  1. Can't believe it took soooo long for this to hit one mil views! It's such a nice song :] But yay~

  2. This song is better than a bunch of miku, rin, luka or gumi songs out there that have more veiws. anyway, yay <3

    1. didnt agree with you there, but hey everyone has different taste so yay for you and yay for the fireflower cuz it is kinda my fav song too XD

  3. Is it first Len song to reach 1M views (yeah too lazy to check on NND ;D) ?

    BTW did I told you that Nyancat has reached 8M views ? *shots*

    1. No, there have been others, such as Paradichlorobenzene, Kagamine Len no Bousou, and Servant of Evil which has well over 2 million views. Also, Alice Human Sacrifice has also hit 1 million views recently it seems.

  4. It's about time! I use this song as my Alarm clock's source sound!

    Did it recently receive a surge of viewers?
    Congrats! (anyways)

  5. Next: Ike Lenka to million and paradichlorobenzene to 2 million!
    i really love fire flower cute song :B

  6. congrats! of my favorite song… I think of the most covered vocaloid song.. my favorite is the pointfive version of it.. check that one out too… Thank you for all the people concerned in making this song…!!

  7. One of my most favorite Vocaloid songs ever… Aside from Len’s other songs like Gemini and Juvenile or Loose Change with Hatsune Miku, this is… I can’t express my feelings with words…but it goes like this…. Nfkdurbdiugvkdjbvdkshvribvtruib <3<3<3<3 Raaahhhhhh!!!!!! Kamehamehaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Okay… I'm done. XD
    Len!!! Go for it!!! Dixie Flatline, make more songs~<3

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