Author: GreenSage

VY2 Release date!

Following VY1 we have VY2 which is a male voice!  I am sure many of you were hoping for a new male voice (considering the last one was Gachapoid), here he is! Too bad he does not have an official art, but he has a sexy sword that makes up for it right? Hit the
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Vocarock II on Cool Japan Music App

The Cool Japan Music App for Apple products has included Vocarock Collection 2 feat. Hatsune Miku in its music selection! The app is free the download and comes with other types of Japanese music. Follow the jump for links and the track listing!

This Nendoroid Comes with…an Ice-Tray!

I wonder who’s idea it was to go, “Hey, this Nendoroid is snow-themed…LET’S INCLUDE AN ICE-TRAY!” Well, either way I think it was a great and amusing idea. Mikatan’s blog has shown us the many things you can do with this ice-tray! What can you do with an ice-tray, you ask? Follow the jump and
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Miku Nendoroid Plus Charm ~Sakura Version~

On the next “Hatsune Miku Live Party -39’s Live IN TOKYO-“ concert, if you pre-order your ticket a Miku Nendoroid Plus Charm ~Sakura Version~ will be included! The charm will stand about 35mm and the picture above gives you a good comparison with Snow Miku. Sadly, the last preorder session ends 1/27 11:00 JST and
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If you’re anything like me the “Exit Tunes Pressents wp_____” albums are a big deal! Personally, I feel like this is the most Vocaloid-diverse album released (probably because of the two Gakupo songs).  The album has been released,  you can get it from Amazon (Japanese) or cdjapan. The track listing is below, as well as
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New Groove Pullip Dolls

Groove has recently announced Miku to their Pullip line and Rin and Len their DAL line. These beautiful fashion dolls will be released in April 2011 at 13,650 yen a piece. You can get them at Hobby Search for 11,050 yen (roughly 133 USD): Miku, Rin, and Len.

Vocaloid Trading Straps Galore

Some of you may have noticed the new Project Diva release of Trading Strap Track02, which offers us more straps with Miku’s Project Diva outfits! Piapro also released news on some trading straps as well, containing Haku and Teto!

Voiceroid + Eagle Talon Yoshida-kun

AH-Software sure likes to release programs in succession. Here we have Yoshida-kun, a new Voiceroid! Yoshida-kun will be joining the ranks of Tsukuyomi Ai and  Tsukuyomi Shouta released last December. Yoshida-kun is directly based on a character of the flash animation “秘密結社 鷹の爪 Secret Society Eagle Talon“.